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Choose the most suitable one word for the following phrase.
Printed notice of somebody's death

A) Condolence
B) Calumny
C) Obituary
D) Ouija

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Hint: Notice of somebody's death is printed on a newspaper, including a brief description of the deceased person

Complete answer:
To choose the correct option which is most suitable for the given phrase, first, analyze each option individually.

A) Condolence: it is an expression of sympathy for someone who is grieving from the loss of someone or something, for example, You have my condolences for losing your only parent alive.
B) Calumny: making false or defamatory comments about someone to forge the good reputation they hold, for example, he went through calumny behavior from his colleagues but never complained.
C) Obituary: a news article that reports a recent death of someone, along with the information about their funeral.
D) Ouija: it is a board used for talking to spirits marked from A-Z, 0-9, and "yes" and "no".

So, the correct answer is “Option b”. "printed notice of somebody's death"

Note: Obituary also has a short account of the life of the deceased person to honor their contributions, of any.