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Choose the appropriate items from the box:
Nichrome, tungsten, fuse wire and Nitrogen
A. which is used as a heating coil?
B. which is alloy of tin and lead?
C. which is used as filament?

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: The above contains mostly metals, and the only odd one out in the above options is nitrogen. Hence just by looking at the options, we can neglect or rule out nitrogen. The questions given above are a few exceptional properties shown by specific types of metals which will be discussed below.

Complete step-by-step solution:
We know that we can broadly classify elements into two categories, namely the metals and the non-metals. These differ from each other in terms of their physical and chemical properties.
We also know that there are specific or peculiar properties of metals, namely the ability to conduct heat and electricity being a physical property and ability to combine with other metals being a chemical property.
A. As mentioned earlier, since metals are good conductors of heat and electricity, the electrical energy absorbed by the metal can be converted into heat energy. The common example of metal is nichrome which has the ability to resist breakage and oxidation at room temperature, and is hence used in heating elements like iron box.
B. We know that alloy is the combination of two or more metals, which results in the change in properties of the metals. Here, fuse wire is made of a mixture of lead and tin, the alloy thus formed has lower melting point than its parent metals.
C. Tungsten, is another metal due to its high resistivity that can convert the heat energy due to electricity to provide light energy.

Note: There are other properties of metals as well namely, malleable which is the ability to be made into thin sheets, ductile which is the ability to be drawn into wires. The metals have a lustrous or shiny appearance as well. These are mostly solid at room temperature, however there are exceptions.