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Breathing roots are traced in
A. Rhizophora
B. Epiphytes
C. Avicennia
D. Both A and C

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: Pneumatophores or breathing roots are respiratory roots found in halophytes like mangroves. They regularly fill in saline bogs, so breathing roots emerge from the water to burn-through oxygen. A ton of carbon dioxide is likewise given out. This occurs through little pores known as lenticels.

Complete answer:
Pneumatophores are found in plants filling in muggy regions though coasting establishes are found in oceanic plants. Both are the respiratory adjustment of roots. Different alteration of roots is:
Primary roots: Primary tap root adjusts to store food and expects different shapes. For instance, sweet potato, carrot, turnip, and so forth Respiratory roots in muggy territories, the alteration of roots that emerge starting from the earliest stage upwards to get oxygen for breath are called pneumatophores, For instance, Rhizophora.
Roots which are found over the ground (ethereal roots) are consistently unusual. These are found in different species as in orchids, mangroves or banyan trees. Pneumatophores are erect roots that are some types of up limb or expansion of the underground root structure or network. Since these roots are uncovered at any rate part of the day and not lowered submerged, the root framework can acquire oxygen from the climate and subsequently helps in relaxing. Model, Rhizophora ravage and Avicennia germinans.

Accordingly, the right alternative is D.

Epiphytes are organic entities that create on a plant's surface and gain its supplements and dampness from the air, downpour, water (in the event of marine climate) or from squanders gathering around it.