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Bosch process is used for large scale production of hydrogen. Write a balanced chemical equation.

Last updated date: 12th Jul 2024
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Hint: We need to know that the Bosch process is used for the large scale production of hydrogen and it is an industrial process for manufacturing of hydrogen at large scale. Hydrogen is produced by using coke and water only on an industrial level. These industrial scale production of hydrogen gas takes place in the presence of catalysts.

Complete answer:
We have to know that hydrogen is an important element during many chemical reactions. Sometimes it is released or added to the systems. There are many ways to produce hydrogen but on large scale production it is the Bosch process only.
This process takes place in two steps:
Formation of water gas.
Separation of carbon monoxide from water gas and also hydrogen production
When steam is passed to red hot carbon, hydrogen gas and carbon monoxide is formed the reaction takes place in presence of nickel catalyst and very high temperature about 1200 degree Celsius. The reaction for the formation of water gas or carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas can be represented as:
$C + {H_2}O\xrightarrow[{Ni}]{{1200^\circ C}}CO + {H_2}$
In the next step, the water gas so formed is mixed with more steam in order to produce carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas. The reaction takes place in presence of a catalyst which is iron oxide and chromium oxide at about 450 degree Celsius. The reaction taking place can be represented as:
$CO + {H_2} + {H_2}O\xrightarrow[{450^\circ C}]{{F{e_2}{O_3} + C{r_2}{O_3}}}$

We have to know that the first step, the formation of water gas is an endothermic process as heat is absorbed in a chemical reaction whereas the second step, the separation of carbon monoxide from water gas is an exothermic process as heat is released during a chemical reaction. Hydrogen gas production can also be done by a lane process.