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Boojho comes across as an animal having a streamlined and slippery body. What is the habitat of the animal?
(a) Water
(b) Desert
(c) Grassland
(d) Mountain

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: The body structure of living organisms depends upon their habitat which helps them to adapt to the environment in which they belong. A streamlined body shape helps to reduce the resistance and a slippery body helps to swim easily.

Complete answer:
The aquatic animals show a streamlined slippery body which helps them to swim easily inside the water. A streamlined body helps to minimize the resistance and friction through a fluid without any turbulence whereas a slippery body helps the aquatic animal to flow easily with water. The body structure not only helps the aquatic animal to swim easily but also helps to escape them from the predator, to catch their prey easily and also to save energy.

Additional Information:
Desert animals show different types of modification in their body to store water inside their body and to remain cool under high temperature therefore they have thick fur on their foot to protect them from the hot ground surface, large ear to radiate heat and thick and long hair to protect the animal from the heat in the day and insulate the body at winter.
In the grassland ecosystem, mainly grazing animals are found with some carnivorous animals which feed on herbivores. In grassland, there are no higher plants for animals to hide therefore they have feet, snout and paws to make burrows in the ground to hide from predators and some of them have a property to camouflage. Hiding in the burrow also helps them to protect themselves from the heat in the daytime. Higher animals have the modification of horns on their head which help them in their protection.
Mountain animals have thick wool and fur to protect their body from cold and also have well-modified hoofs which help them to climb on the hill.

So, the correct answer is 'Water'.

Some terrestrial animals and birds also have streamlined bodies which help them to move faster in the land and air. Some aquatic animals like squirts and octopus do not show a streamlined body because they are bottom-dwelling animals and they do not swim continually.