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What is blue baby syndrome? How is it caused?

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Hint: Hemoglobin is a blood protein that is responsible for carrying oxygen around the body and delivering it to the different cells and tissues. When the blood. Is unable to carry oxygen around the body. The baby turns blue (cyanotic), resulting in oxygen deficiency in different body parts. This problem can be caused by intake of water and vegetables high in nitrate, exposure to chemicals containing nitrate or can even be hereditary.

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Blue baby syndrome on methemoglobinemia is caused by decreased ability of blood to carry oxygen, resulting in oxygen deficiency in different body parts.
>Infants are more susceptible than adults.
>Groundwater gets contaminated by leaching of nitrate generated from fertilizer used in agriculture lands and waste dumps in rural and urban areas of drinking water containing nitrate as No3->45 mg-1 may cause me the moglaninemia in infants and adults.
>Other conditions that can cause a baby to appear blue include- @Technology of Fallot (TOF):- TOF is a serious congenital heart condition causing four structure abnormalities in the heart that lead to a lack of oxygen in the blood.
(b) Methemoglobinemia: - Intake certain an esthetics and antibiotics.
>Agentic predisposition.
>Ulcers of gastritis.
>Kidney failure requiring dialysis.

Note: The most common symptom of blue baby syndromes is a blue discoloration of skin around the mouth, hands and feet.
>Difficulty breathing vomiting diarrhea, lethargy, sequences, loss of consciousness are the potential symptoms.
>Treatments include avoiding the source of nitrate contamination.
>Methylene blue that supplies oxygen to blood is used to cure.