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$BiC{l_3}$ on hydrolysis forms a white precipitate of:
A.Bismuth acid
B.Bismuth oxychloride
C.Bismuth pentachloride
D.Bismuth hydride

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Hint: We have to know that, in fluid arrangement, precipitation is the way toward changing a disintegrated substance into an insoluble strong from a super-immersed arrangement. The strong shape is known as the encourage. In the event of an inorganic substance response prompting precipitation, the synthetic reagent making the strong structure is known as the precipitant.

Complete answer:
We have to see, hydrolysis is derived from a Greek word hydro significance water and lysis, which means the word break or to unbind. Normally in hydrolysis the water atoms get appended to two pieces of a particle. One atom of a substance will get a ${H^ + }$ particle and the other particle gets the $O{H^ - }$bunch. Hydrolysis response is for the most part used to separate polymers into monomers.
So while considering science, hydrolysis essentially implies the demonstration of separating synthetic compounds by adding water. The response of water with the other chemical compound outcomes in the development of at least two items. A few instances of hydrolysis incorporate dissolving a salt of a frail corrosive or base in water or dissolving sulphuric corrosive in water where hydronium and bisulfate compounds are shaped. Hydrolysis additionally helps in separating proteins, fats, and complex starches in food.
In the given data,
$BiC{l_3}$on hydrolysis forms a white precipitate of Bismuth oxychloride.
In the balanced chemical equation,
$BiC{l_3} + {H_2}O \to BiOCl + 2HCl$

Hence, the correct option is (B).

We have to know that hydrolysis is by and large used to separate mixtures into more modest divisions or parts for assembling. For example, it is feasible to hydrolyse a compound called organophosphate ester, or go through a hydrolysis response. In the production of creepy crawly executioners and substance showers, this hydrolysis makes a difference.