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Bhadravathi steel and iron industry was established in the year _____.
A) 1920
B) 1923
C) 1926
D) 1929

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A factory involved in the manufacture of ally stones and pig iron is Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Plant (VISL). It is now a steel plant under the responsibility of the Indian Steel Authority Limited, in Bhadravathi, India.

Complete step by step solution:
Initially, the factory built a wood distillation plant in Madras, Ahmedabad and Karachi, and the sales office opened in Bombay for the manufacture of charcoal and blast fireworks. The iron piping plant was later added and its name was changed to Mysore Irons and Steels, an open furnace, rolling mills and cement plant. In 1939 the railway lines Shimoga-Talguppa were laid to be used as fuel for its furnaces using wood from the Forests of the Malnad. In 1952, the company constructed two electric pig iron surfaces, making VISL the first iron- and steel-making company in India to use electricity in iron ore smelting. In 1952 the company had constructed two electric pig-iron surfaces that made VISL the first Indian iron and steel company to use electricity in iron oil smelting. In 1962, the name of the factory was converted to the Mysore Iron and Steel Limited, the factory being converted into a joint-stock governmental enterprise with a share ratio of 40:60 between the Government of India and the Government of Karnataka.
On 18 January 1923, Sir M Visvesvaraya, was founded in Visvesvaraya's Iron and Steel Plant (VISL), which was previously known as Mysore Iron and Steel Industries Limited (MSIL). It is now a steel facility under the control of the Indian Steel Authority.

Hence, the correct answer option B-1923.

A new steelworks was also set up in 1962, and the relatively new LD Process could produce steel. The company was renamed Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Limited in 1975 to honour its founding company. The Steel Authority of India was taken over as a subsidiary in 1989 and VISL was incorporated in SAIL in 1998.