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Balance the following equation
$NaHC{O_3} \to N{a_2}C{O_3} + {H_2}O + C{O_2}$

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Hint: We have to know that, the synthetic response, a cycle where at least one substance, the reactants, are changed over to at least one distinct substance, the items. Substances are either synthetic compounds or mixtures. A synthetic response improves the constituent molecules of the reactants to make various substances as items.

Complete answer:
We have to know the compound responses are a fundamental piece of innovation, of culture, and for sure of life itself. Consuming energizes, refining iron, making glass and ceramics, preparing lager, and making wine and cheddar are among numerous instances of exercises joining synthetic responses that have been known, and utilized for millennia. Substance responses have large amounts of the topography of Earth, in the air and seas, and in an immense range of convoluted cycles that happen in every single living framework.
We have to see that synthetic responses should be recognized from actual changes. Actual changes incorporate changes of state, for example, ice softening to water and water dissipating to fume. On the off chance that an actual change happens, the actual properties of a substance will change, however its compound character will continue as before.
The balanced chemical equation of the given compound is balanced below,
$2NaHC{O_3} \to N{a_2}C{O_3} + {H_2}O + C{O_2}$
The above chemical equation is a decomposition reaction, because it decomposes the water molecule.

We have to know the decomposed reaction is a response where a compound separates into at least two less complex substances.
The overall type of a deterioration response is $AB \to A + B$ . Most disintegration responses require a contribution of energy as warmth, light, or power.