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At Srinagar temperature was \[-{{5}^{\circ }}C\] on Monday and then it dropped by \[{{2}^{\circ }}C\] on Tuesday. What is the temperature of Srinagar on Tuesday? On Wednesday, it rose by \[{{4}^{\circ }}C\]. What was the temperature on this day?

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Hint: Find the temperature by adding the temperature dropped or raised to the previous day's temperature. To get the temperature of Tuesday add it to the previous day's temperature.

Complete Step-by-Step solution:
We have been given the temperature of Srinagar on Monday = \[-{{5}^{\circ }}C\].
It is said that the temperature dropped by \[{{2}^{\circ }}C\] on Tuesday.
\[\therefore \] Temperature on Tuesday = Temperature of Monday - \[{{2}^{\circ }}C\].
  & =-{{5}^{\circ }}C-{{2}^{\circ }}C \\
 & =-{{\left( 5+2 \right)}^{\circ }}C \\
 & =-{{7}^{\circ }}C \\
Now we have been given that the temperature rose on by \[{{4}^{\circ }}C\] on Wednesday.
Thus we need to find the temperature on Wednesday.
Temperature on Wednesday = Temperature on Tuesday + \[{{4}^{\circ }}C\]
  & =-{{7}^{\circ }}C+{{4}^{\circ }}C \\
 & =-{{3}^{\circ }}C \\
Thus, we got a temperature on Tuesday = \[-{{7}^{\circ }}C\].
Temperature on Wednesday = \[-{{3}^{\circ }}C\].

Note: We know that zero degree Celsius is 273.15 Kelvin. The Fahrenheit temperature range is based on settling the freezing point of water at 32 degrees and boiling point to \[{{212}^{\circ }}\].
\[\therefore {}^{\circ }F={}^{\circ }C*1.8+32\]
Eg: - \[{}^{\circ }F=-3{}^{\circ }\times 1.8+32={{26.6}^{\circ }}\] Fahrenheit.