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Assertion: Moving phase is liquid and the stationary phase is solid in paper chromatography.
Reason: Paper chromatography is used in the analysis of polar organic compounds.
(A) Both assertion and reason are correct and reason is the correct explanation for assertion
(B) Both assertion and reason are correct and reason is not the correct explanation for assertion
(C) Assertion is incorrect but reason is correct
(D) Both Assertion and reason are incorrect

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Hint: Paper chromatography is a less expensive method that is used to separate dissolved chemical substances by their different migration rates through the sheets of paper and it is a strong analytical tool that uses very small quantities of material.

Complete answer:
The principle involved in paper chromatography can be partition chromatography or adsorption chromatography. One of the biggest advantages of chromatography is that it requires low volume samples. Adsorption chromatography between solid and liquid phases in which the solid surface of the paper is the stationary phase and the liquid phase is the mobile phase. Paper chromatography is used to inspect cosmetics. Partition chromatography since the substances are partitioned between liquid phases. Two phases are water that is held in the pores of the filter paper and the other phase is a mobile phase which passes through the paper. The separation of the mixture takes place when the mobile phase moves.
Therefore option C is the correct answer.

Chromatography is used in forensic testing also. Paper chromatography is generally a liquid-liquid partition chromatography in which the water is absorbed or water is chemically bond to cellulose of paper which acts as the stationary phase while the mobile phase is another liquid which is generally a mixture of two or three solvents in which water is one of the components.