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What are compound radicals? What is the difference between chemical equation and balanced chemical equation?

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: We know that representation of the chemical reaction in the symbolic form is called the chemical equation. And the chemical equation containing equal no of moles of all the atoms of the reacting species and that of the products is known as the balanced chemical equation.

Complete answer:
First, we should know what is a chemical equation is. The chemical equation is the representation of the chemical reaction in the symbolic form. The reactants are written on the left hand side and the products are written on the right hand side and there is an arrow from left to the right symbolizing a complete chemical equation.
A radical is a kind of a molecule that contains an unpaired electron in the atomic orbital and can exist independently. A chemical equation is just an equation representing the reaction between the reactants and products. The number of atoms is not equally distributed on the reactants and products side.
\[{{H}_{2~}}+\text{ }{{O}_{2}}~\to {{H}_{2}}O\] Here on both sides, there are two hydrogen atoms but on the reactant side, one oxygen atom is present whereas on the product side is one oxygen atom. A balanced equation is a chemical equation that has the equal number of atoms in reactants and products. \[2Mg+{{O}_{2}}~\to 2MgO\]. This equation has \[2Mg\] atoms and \[2O\] atoms on both sides.

Remember that in this, the reactants and the products are expressed in their chemical formulas. It is a way to represent the chemical equation in an easier and more understandable way. A chemical equation is based on the law of the conservation of the mass which states that the mass can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another.