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_________ and _________ are the most common air pollutants?

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: Think of the gases coming out of automobiles, gases coming out of factories or burning of fossil fuels etc.

Complete answer:
In Today’s world the biggest challenge is how to reduce pollution. So what does pollution mean? Any undesirable substance that affects the plants, animals, human beings are said to be pollution and the substances causing the pollution are called the Pollutants.
Air Pollution is one type of pollution .It is basically the presence of undesirable substances ( Pollutant ) present in air. The major pollutants of air pollution air \[C{{O}_{x}}\] and $N{{O}_{x}}$ . They are basically oxides of carbon and nitrogen.
$C{{O}_{x}}$ are of two types $CO$ (carbon monoxide) and other is $C{{O}_{2}}$ (carbon dioxide). $CO$ is highly poisonous gas to living beings because it combines with Haemoglobin present in blood to form carboxyhemoglobin is more stable than haemoglobin due to this oxygen carrying capacity of blood reduces to greater extent which results in cardiovascular disorder, weakness etc. Incomplete combustion of carbon containing substances such as coal. Firewood etc result in the formation of carbon monoxide.
 $C{{O}_{2}}$ is produced by burning of fossil fuels, volcanic eruption, and respiration by living beings. $C{{O}_{2}}$ is consumed by plants for photosynthesis. But over the period of time the level of $C{{O}_{2}}$ in air increased which resulted in Global Warming.
Other pollutant is $N{{O}_{x}}$ which is basically oxides of nitrogen i.e. $NO,N{{O}_{2}}$ . These are formed by burning of fossil fuels. Automobiles etc. $NO$ reacts with ozone in stratosphere to form $N{{O}_{2}}$ and ${{O}_{2}}$ this result in depletion of ozone layer which protects us from ultraviolet rays. The exposure of U-V rays leads to many skin disorders i.e. skin cancer, eye damage etc.
Whereas higher concentration of $N{{O}_{2}}$ damage the leaves of plants and retards the rate of photosynthesis. Exposure to children leads to many respiratory diseases. It is toxic to living tissues.

$S{{O}_{x}}$( oxides of sulphur) , hydrocarbon, Particulate matter , ozone are also results in air pollution.