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Last updated date: 29th Nov 2023
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An alloy consists of 13 parts of copper, 7 parts of zinc and 5 parts of nickel. Find the percentage of copper in the alloy.

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Hint: In order to answer this question, to know the percentage of copper present in the alloy, we will first calculate the total parts by adding the parts of all the given elements. And then we will solve for the percentage by applying the percentage formula.

Complete answer:
In an alloy, the given parts of elements are 13 parts of copper, 7 parts of zinc and 5 parts of nickel.
So, Total parts of an alloy $ = 13 + 7 + 5 = 25parts$
So, the percentage of copper in the alloy:
$\therefore \% \,of\,copper = \dfrac{{parts\,of\,copper}}{{total\,parts}} \times 100$
$ = \dfrac{{13}}{{25}} \times 100 $
$ = 13 \times 4 = 52\% $
Hence, an alloy consists of $52\% $ of copper.
Now, we will also calculate the percentage of zinc and nickel as well-
$\therefore \% \,of\,Zinc = \dfrac{7}{{25}} \times 100$
$ = 7 \times 4 = 28\%$
Hence, the percentage of Zinc in the alloy is $28\% $ .
$\therefore \% \,of\,nickel = \dfrac{5}{{25}} \times 100$
$ = 5 \times 4 = 20\%$
Hence, the percentage of nickel in the alloy is $20\% $ .


Alloys are used for a wide range of purposes. In certain cases, combining metals will lower the material's total cost while retaining essential properties. In other cases, the combination of metals gives the constituent metal elements synergistic properties, such as corrosion resistance or mechanical strength.