Air is a mixture. Prove this statement.

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Hint: Air in our atmosphere which consists of many different- different gases in it. Mixture is a substance made by mixing of one substance to another.

Complete answer:
Air is a mixture of many gases and it forms an outer layer of Earth. The atmosphere of earth protects life on earth by essential needs for living and this atmosphere also protects from harmful rays coming from the sun towards earth. People need to breathe and so do lots of other animals too. For breathing they require air. All living organisms inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Now, we talk about the types of mixture, it is of two types:
1. Heterogeneous Mixture: They possess different properties and composition in various parts.
Example: Sand mixed with salt.
2. Homogenous Mixture: Those possess the same properties and combination throughout their masses.
Example: Sugar mixed in water.
Air is a mixture of many gases and dust particles. It is clear and transparent in nature which is used by living organisms for breathing. Air is a mixture of about 78% of Nitrogen, 21% of Oxygen, 0.9% of Argon, 0.04% of Carbon dioxide (\[C{O_2}\]) and many other small gases. All these form the air. Many gases are present in air and if we want to separate them and retain their properties then we easily do this. Air does not have a fixed melting and boiling point. Air does not have a specific formula. Air also contains water vapors at sea level.
Air shows the properties of gases present in it. It means it possesses properties of every gases whereas compounds having some specific properties of those elements which are involved in that compound.

Note: Air contains many gases and dust particles and all these by combining them form a mixture.