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Why was the African National Congress (ANC) formed? To what extent did it get success?

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: The African National Congress is the ruling political party in the Republic of South Africa. Since Nelson Mandela's election in 1994, the African National Congress (ANC) has become the governing party. Since then, it has won every election.

Complete answer:
It has ruled in post-apartheid South Africa. John Langalibalele Dube Bloemfontein founded it in 1912. It began as the South African Native National Congress (SANNC) before being renamed the African National Congress in 1923. Its primary mission was to unite all Africans in defence of their rights and liberties. It also involved granting voting rights to black and mixed-race South Africans. One of the main missions was to join the apartheid regime established by the National Party Government.

Initially, the ANC sought to end apartheid through peaceful demonstrations. More than 60 black Africans were killed by police in the Sharpeville massacre, and hundreds of others were wounded in a peaceful demonstration. Their relationship with the South African government suffered as a result.

The ANC was abolished in South Africa by the government of Charles Robberts Swart in 1960. Following their ban, the ANC established Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation). The nation started to transition toward full democracy, with the state president lifting the ban on the ANC and releasing Nelson Mandela from prison in 1990. Apartheid was abolished by a referendum in 1992, allowing the ANC to run in elections in 1994.

This was the first time that all South Africans were given the right to vote for the national government.

- Its members included chiefs, people's leaders, church organisations, and other notable individuals, as well as Saul Msane (Esq.), Josiah Gumede, John Dube, Pixley ka Isaka Seme, and Sol Plaatje.
- It gained popularity as more reasonable whites entered and assisted in its spread. The ANC was ultimately responsible for Africa's independence.
- In South Africa, it is considered to be the oldest that left a legacy and saved many people from mistreatment.