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Acetamide changes into methylamine by
A.Hofmann bromamide reaction
B.Hofmann reaction
C.Friedel-craft’s reaction
D.Hinsberg reaction

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint: We have to know that acetamide is a natural compound. It is the easiest amide to get from acidic corrosives. It discovers some utilization as a plasticizer and as a modern dissolvable. The connected compound $N,N$-dimethylacetamide is all the more generally utilized, yet it is not set up from acetamide.

Complete answer:
We have to know that Hoffman bromamide reaction mechanism that has to be given,
The hydroxide particle of the solid base assaults the amide. The amide is presently deprotonated prompting the development of water and the anion of the amide.
The anion presently assaults the diatomic bromine in an alpha replacement response. The bromine-bromine bond breaks and $N$-Bromamide is framed alongside bromine anion.
The $N$-Bromamide, is presently assaulted again by the base prompting its deprotonation and the development of water alongside the age of bromamide anion.
This bromamide anion goes through reworking such that the ethyl group, which is reinforced with the carbonyl carbon presently, bonds with the nitrogen all things being equal. At the same time, the bromide anion framed leaves the compound. This prompts the arrangement of an isocyanate.
The expansion of water to the isocyanate prompts the development of carbamic corrosive in a nucleophilic expansion response.
The carbamic corrosive presently loses carbon dioxide, giving an adversely charged nitrogen attached to one hydrogen and the ethyl bunch. At the point when this is protonated by the water, the necessary primary amine is produced.
When, an acetamide changes into methylamine by Hoffman bromamide response.

Hence, option (A) is correct.

We have to know that an acetamide has been identified close to the focal point of the Milky Way world. This finding is possibly huge on the ground that acetamide has an amide bond, like the fundamental connection between amino acids in proteins.