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(a) What is the relationship between Celsius scale and kelvin scale of temperature?
(b) Convert
(i) $ {43^ \circ }C $ to Kelvin
(ii) $ 298K $ to $ ^ \circ C $

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Hint : We can define the temperature of a system as the average kinetic energy of the particles of that substance. Temperature is defined using three units being, Celsius, kelvin and Fahrenheit. These three units are easily interchangeable with each other. The S.I. unit of temperature is Kelvin.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
The kinetic energy of a system is as high as the temperature of the system. As the particles are getting heated, energy is being transferred to the atoms of that substance. Now as energy is transferred to the substance, the atoms start to possess kinetic energy and if the kinetic energy breaks the bond between the atoms of the substance, then that substance tends to change states. The object can exist in various states. The states that it can exist in are solid, liquid and gases.
Generally, solids tend to exist at low temperature of water, liquid at temperatures above four Celsius and water boils as it reaches hundred degree Celsius.
(a) For conversion of the temperature given above into kelvin we need to follow few steps:
1.Convert the given temperature to degree Celsius.
2.Add $ 273 $ to the given temperature
3.The value you get is the temperature in kelvin.
We already know how to convert celsius to kelvin but for conversion of kelvin scale back to Celsius scale, all you have to do is subtract $ 273 $ from the kelvin scale temperature and you will get the temperature in Celsius scale.
 (b) Convert
 $ {43^0}C $ to Kelvin
We will add $ 273 $ to the temperature
 $ ^0K{ = ^0}C + 273 $
 $ { \Rightarrow ^0}K = 43 + 273 $
 $ { \Rightarrow ^0}K = 316K $
Convert $ 298K $ to $ ^0C $
We will subtract $ 273 $ from the quantity
 $ ^0C = K - 273 $
 $ { \Rightarrow ^0}C = 298 - 273 $
 $ { \Rightarrow ^0}C = {25^0}C $

Note :
The first thermometer, so as to find the temperature of a body was discovered by Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. The temperature therefore can be defined in three forms being Celsius, Fahrenheit and kelvin.