A water tank holds 50,000,000 liters of water. How many cubic meters is that?
A). 50,000,000 \[{m^3}\]
B). 5,000,000 \[{m^3}\]
C). 500,000 \[{m^3}\]
D). 50,000 \[{m^3}\]

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Hint: We’ll first see the concept of the question. Observe that we have given a quantity in liters and we have asked that quantity in cubic meters. It means this question can be solved with the concept of units.

Complete Step-by-Step Solution:
Units are the most important and underrated phenomena of the physical world. Without units, a number has no meaning. Units give meaning to numbers. Which number is greater, which one is large can easily understand if we understand the units. It’s different for different phenomena. For example, time is second, minute, and hour.
In the question, it is given that a water tank can hold up to 50,000,000 liters of water. What we’ll do is, get the relation between \[{m^3}\] and L, then Convert the quantity.
We know that, $1{m^3} = 1000L$
Now, we can use the unitary method to solve further as follows.
1000L is equal to 1 cubic meter
Then, 1L is equal to $\dfrac{1}{{1000}}{m^3}$
And, 50,000,000L is equal to $\dfrac{1}{{1000}} \times 50,000,000$\[{m^3}\]
On solving we’ll get, $50,000{m^3}$

Hence, if a water tank holds 50,000,000 liters of water then it’ll be $50,000{m^3}$.

Note: This question is based on the conversion of units. This will give many numbers of questions since we have many units. One needs to remember all the units in order to solve the question properly. Some of the core units are Kilometre, hectometre, dekametre, meter, decimetre, centimeter, millimeter. We are adding meters in the end so it’ll be unit for distance. If we add gram then it’ll be unit for weight.