A Tesla is equivalent to a
(A) Newton per coulomb
(B) Newton per ampere -meter
(C) Ampere per newton
(D) Newton per ampere-second

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Hint: Tesla is the derived unit of magnetic flux density, which represents the strength of the magnetic field.

Complete step by step solution:
One tesla represents one weber per square meter.
The symbol of tesla is T.

According to Lorentz force law, a particle carrying a charge of one coulomb and moving perpendicularly through a magnetic field of one tesla, at a speed of one metre per second, experiences a force with magnitude one newton.

Hence, one tesla is equivalent to newton per ampere metre.

So, the correct option is (B) Newton per ampere –metre.

Note: As SI derived unit, the tesla can be expressed as
\[T{\text{ }} = {\text{ }}\dfrac{{V.s}}{{{m^2}}}\; = \;\dfrac{N}{{A.m}}\; = \;\dfrac{J}{{Am}}\; = \;\dfrac{{H.A}}{{{m^2}}} = \]\[\dfrac{{Wb}}{{{m^2}}}{\text{ }} = \dfrac{{kg}}{{C.s}}\; = \dfrac{{N.s}}{{C.m}}\; = \dfrac{{kg}}{{A.{s^2}}}\]
Where N= newton, m=metre, V=volt, A=ampere, J=joule, Wb=weber, kg=kilogram, H =henry, s= second, C=coulomb.