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A shopkeeper bought a washing machine at a discount of 20 percent from a wholesaler, the printed price of the washing machine being Rs. 18000.The shopkeeper sells it to a consumer at a discount of 10 percent on the printed price. If the rate of sales tax is 8 percent find the total amount that the consumer pays for the washing machine.

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Hint-Make sure that you have taken into consideration the 8 percent sales tax that comes into play.
It has been given that the printed price on the washing machine is Rs. 18000.
Now a discount percentage of 10 percent of printed price is what is being offered to the customer.
So the total cost to customer without any tax is equal to
Total MRP cost-10% of MRP which gives
$18000 - \left( {\dfrac{{10}}{{100}} \times 18000} \right) = 18000 - 1800 = 16200$
This means that the customer paid rupees 16200 for the machine.
Now but it is been given that the rate of sales tax is 8 percent this means that the customer must have paid 8percent more on the final amount that he must be paying which is 16200 , so the total amount paid by the customer is
$16200 + \left( {\dfrac{8}{{100}} \times 16200} \right) = 17496$
Hence the customer has paid a total amount of Rs. 17496.
Note- The key concept while solving such types of problems is that the total amount which is paid by the customer will not be the one that is exclusive or without sales tax but it will be the one that includes sales tax over the overall amount that is to be paid.