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A match box measures $4cm \times 2.5cm \times 1.5cm$. What will be the volume of a packet that contains 12 match boxes?

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Hint: Here, we need to find the volume of 1 match box, we will use the volume of box formula i.e. $ V = l \times b \times h$ and then we need to calculate the volume of the packet that contains 12 match boxes.

Complete step-by-step answer:
Generally any box measure will be of $l,b,h$
Given that a match box measures $4cm \times 2.5cm \times 1.5cm$

So here $l = 4cm,b = 2.5cm,h = 1.5cm$
We know that volume of box $(v) = l \times b \times h$
$\therefore $ Volume of a match box= $4cm \times 2.5cm \times 1.5cm = 15c{m^3}$
We know that volume of $1$ match box =$15c{m^3}$
Then volume of $12$ matchboxes=$12 \times 15$
$\therefore $ Volume of $12$ match boxes = $180c{m^3}$

Note: Units are mandatory. Here the units for the volume of the box is $c{m^3}$. Make sure that all the measures are of the same unit, if not convert all the measures into the same unit by using basic metric conversions.