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Winter Poem For Kids

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Overview of Winter Poem in English

Winter has many unique aspects, such as foggy mornings, fluffy blankets, cold air, and hot chocolate. Isn't that right? Winter is the most lovely season of the year. People enjoy shorter days and longer nights, the cold air and low humidity, and the quiet weather during the winter. Snow is the most beautiful winter phenomenon! Do you know that snowflakes never repeat themselves and have amazing shapes?

Here is the winter poem, which beautifully illustrates the glimpse of winter in a mesmerising way. That will encourage the kid's imagination and lead to a sensory-rich children's poem about the sights, sounds, and effects accompanying the winter weather. We will learn about the winter poem summary further in the article.

Winter Poem

Let's come and learn some soulful lyrics of a winter poem in English, a poem to boost your imagination power. It is a perfect winter poem for kids. It consists of rhythmic words like "dear ear tree leaves" and so many other pairs of rhyming words that will help a child learn and recite this poem more easily.

When the geese are flying south

And the sky is grey, my dears,

Close your eyes, and lift your nose;

Listen carefully with your careful ears.


Feel the winter coming on,

Hear it in the crackling trees;

Note the crisping, quivering wind

Sharply snapping at their leaves.


Feel it on the windowpanes –

Chilly glass on fingertips –

Mark the biting of the air,

Heated breath on numbing lips.


See it in the early eves,

In the glowing sunset where

Shadows of the naked trees

Rattle in the biting air.


Watch the nuthatch and the wren;

They know it is time once more

To abandon careful nests,

As they’ve done each year before.


Let the frost rest on your face,

Sense a shiver on your skin?

See how pretty nature is

When she ushers winter in.

- by Barbara Vance.

Winter Poem

Winter Poem

The Theme of the Poem

The theme of the winter poem in English is to let kids know about the true nature of winter in an easy and exciting way, and how winter changes the aura of the environment with its calmness and coolness. Winter poem for kids is a sensory-rich children's poem about the sights, sounds, and effects that come with winter weather and also gives children new opportunities to develop their emotional skills. It encourages kids to take wonderful vacations and cuddle up under blankets during the winter.

Children Enjoying Winters

Children Enjoying Winters

Winter Poem Summary

The winter poem summary illustrates how beautiful the winter season is. The aura around us is very beautiful and magnificent. This winter poem for kids also depicts cold temperatures, frost in the air, and snowfall. Nature sleeps during the winter season. You can see trees that have recently been covered in snow on the ground.

Winter is not full of bright colours because most plants and animals are hibernating, but who says that a white, snowy, and a little magical winter isn't cool?

The poem summarises that days become shorter and less sunny, and nights become longer. Also, the winter season is the best time of year to see stars in the night sky because they are the brightest at this time of year. 

Winter Season

Winter Season


Through this winter poem, kids learn about sensory words and sights they saw or felt during winter in a fun way. Also, get to know about the beautiful changes in nature during winter. The sun appears larger in the winter than in the summer. Trees do not grow and lose their leaves during the winter. Winter nights are unquestionably longer than summer nights. Some animals completely hibernate in the winter, while others simply become lazy. and winters are the best time for vacations.

In this article, we learnt about the winter poem and its theme and meaning and this poem also gave us information about the winter season. 

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FAQs on Winter Poem For Kids

1. How to enjoy the winter season?

Take a walk outside, go skiing, or ice skating on the pond; enjoy the sun, get some Vitamin D, and pay attention to what's going on in nature. Bundle up, put on several layers, and if necessary, wear a hat and gloves, but get out as often as possible.

2. Who is the writer of this poem?

Barbara Vance is the writer of this beautiful poem.

3. Why do we enjoy winter?

Winter is the most gorgeous season of the year. Winter brings shorter days and longer nights, cool air and low humidity, and peaceful weather.

4. What are the changes you see in nature during winter?

During the winter, many plants slow down or cease to grow. They go dormant when there is less heat and light to help them grow, reserving energy for when conditions are better. That is why winter is the ideal season for tree planting!