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My Five Senses Poem

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Overview of My Five Senses Poem

Every small kid loves poems. They love to sing and dance and they enjoy every moment of the poem. That's why there are so many easy poems written for kids so that they can learn with fun.  Most of the events we had seen were small kids repeating the poem on their own. And that happens because the rhyming words are arranged so nicely that small kids can easily remember them and can sing them with a flow. 

Five Senses

Five Senses

And so, in the same way, Aliki Brandenberg had written a “my five senses” poem. Here in this article we will learn my five senses poem with pictures and understand that we are so blessed that we get these magical 5 senses which work so nicely for us. That is why we need to spend some time with ourselves and take care of our bodies. So now let's get started and consciously feel about our body. 

My Five Senses Poem

Let’s take a look at this my five senses poem for kindergarten.

My eyes can see the big bright sun.

My nose can smell hot cinnamon buns.

My ear can hear the big loud drums.

My tongue can taste good things, yum! Yum!

My eyes can feel the sand, what fun!

I like my senses, everyone!

- by Aliki Brandenberg 

The Theme of My Five Senses Poem

The theme of the poem is natural: it talks about Sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touching our five senses. Through this poem, the poet is trying to teach us about our world through these senses. A great author-illustrator and poet, Aliki Brandenberg's simple, engaging text and colourful artwork show young readers how they use their senses to smell a rose or play with a puppy. Aliki Brandenberg treats complex topics with ease and clarity while providing lively pictures, with informative details and humorous elements often appearing in balloons. Aliki Brandenberg’s books continue to speak to today's young readers. In this poem, the poet has made children feel grateful for all the blessings that they get in the form of a healthy body. The five senses in our body is the greatest gift from God to us. We should always be thankful to God and also we should take care of our bodies. But Aliki Brandenberg's poem is about the complete and utter rejection of all senses at once, and what an overwhelming sensation can result from that meeting of the five senses.

The Literary Meaning of the Poem

Five Senses

Five Senses

Through this poem, the poet says how beautifully small children learn what the world is like. The poet has beautifully shown that through their five senses! Each sense of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste helps one to discover something new.


This my five senses poem summary helps children find out more about their senses, including what they are and what they can learn through them about the exciting world. The five senses “sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste” collect information about our surroundings that is explained by the brain. We make sense of this information based on our previous succeeding learning and by the combination of the information from all five senses. We respond automatically to all sensory information. Such a response is important for our survival in the environment. Without these five senses, our life will be blank and there will be no actual life for us. So we should thank God and feel grateful for blessing us with such a beautiful life where we can experience everything and can respond whenever we need to. 


My five Senses” is more abstract than Aliki Brandenberg's other famous poems, not telling a story or evoking a concrete place or moment in time but rather exploring the hazy feelings of what it means to be totally porous to the world around oneself.

Everyone knows about the five senses “sight, smell, touch, hearing, and taste” and it is the most common to consider them individually. A person might entirely dedicate themselves to sound if they attend a harmony, or focus on taste as they adore a good meal or charm in the softness of a baby’s skin. In this article, we read my five senses poem summary and also learnt the lyrics of my five senses poem for kindergarten. We hope you enjoyed reading this article, in case of any other doubts feel free to ask in the comments.

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FAQs on My Five Senses Poem

1. Who wrote the poem "My five senses"  and in which year was it published?

The poem "My five Senses" is written by the famous American poet, Aliki Brandenberg. The poem was first published in 1962.

2. What are the purposes of the poems in kindergarten?

Their main function is to convey an idea or an emotion in a very beautiful language. So that the children can understand that everything around them is so beautiful.

3. How do you teach kindergarten poems?

Here are some ideas to introduce poetry to kindergarten:

  1. Read out loud. Begin by saying the rhyme out loud, using beats and the sound of rhythm to attract the children to participate. 

  2. Sing along with children. Children can learn poetry through songs.

  3. Use pictures.

  4. Shared reading.

  5. Drawings.

  6. Play with rhyming words.