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Where O’ Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

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Losing a Dog Song

Where O where Has My Little Dog Gone? is an American nursery rhyme written by the teacher and published by Septimus Winner. The rhyme was published in 1864 and is based on the old and traditional tune of the German folk song. In this poem, the kid thinks where oh where can my baby be gone? 

Where , Oh Where has My Little Dog Gone?

Where , Oh Where has My Little Dog Gone?

Where, O Where Can My Baby Be Lyrics

O, where, o, where
Has my little dog gone?
O, where, o, where
Can he be?

With his ears cut short
And his tail cut long,
O, where, o, where
Can he be?

O where, o where
Has my little dog gone?
O, where, o, where
Can he be?




In this rhyme and me and my dog lyrics ,there is a small kid who is having a pet dog. One day his pet went out without knowing anyone. After that, the kid started finding the dog. Kids were telling me, ``Oh, where has my dog gone? Where he can go. The dog has short ears and a long tail. The kid was told where he could go. With his ears cut short and his tail cut long. In this doggy song lyrics, we see that the kid's pet dog was missing, and he was finding out about the dog.

Kid Finding The Dog

Kid Finding The Dog

Pet Animals

Pet animals are animals that can usually be kept in the home. It can be any animal which is friendly and those that won’t harm anyone. We should always be humble towards our pets and animals in our surroundings as they are living beings and have feelings. Here are a few examples of pet animals.

  • Dog

  • Cat

  • Goat

  • Horse

  • Rabbit

  • Fish

  • Cow

  • Camel

  • Buffalo

Pet Animals

Pet Animals

Tips to Parents

Where O Where Has My Little Dog Gone poem is based on the kid and his pet. It is a very simple and interesting rhyme. Use the song lyrics of this poem to teach kids new words. Show them the gestures to explain the words so the kids can understand the meaning. They will also remember the first letter of all the verbs. 

Hence, they will also understand pet animals. Design a rhythm to explain this song and let the kids mimic you. Even Children can dance by using this song. This will help children to interact more, and they will enjoy dancing to this song.

Kid Upset because he lost his Dog

Kid Upset because he Lost His Dog


In this rhyme, we have studied the rhyme Where O Where Has My Little Dog Gone? We have also understood the meaning of the poem and how the kid is finding his pet dog. We have also seen many pet animals. And we have understood that animals are our friends. We can also say it is losing a dog song. 

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FAQs on Where O’ Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

1. Who is lost in the poem Where O Where Has My Little Dog Gone? 

In the poem Oh Where has My Little Dog Gone, the dog was lost.

2. Write any two characteristics of the dog?

The two characteristics of the dog are

  • It has short ears.

  • It has a long cut tail.

3. Who published the rhyme’s where has my little dog gone?

The rhyme ‘Oh Where, Has my Little Dog Gone’ is published by Septimus Winner.