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When October Went Away Poem

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Overview of When October Went Away Poem

Autumn falls in the month of October and November of the year. This season is among the major seasons of India, with Summer, Winter, Rainfall and Spring seasons. This season is known for its beauty and scenery. In this season, all the trees and plants start shedding their leaves. The leaves turn yellow or orange in colour, making nature look more beautiful. This season is the best for travelling and enjoying purposes with your family and friends. Let us learn when October went away in this module. For more information, you can also download when October went away poem pdf.

About Autumn Season

Autumn falls, particularly in the month of October. At the onset of this season, the days become shorter, and nights start becoming longer. People love the autumn season and like to go out with their family and friends during this season. Autumn is perfect for enjoying traveling and exploring new areas and activities. As in nature autumn is the time deciduous trees shed their leaves and in the spring season grow their leaves again, it depicts that humans must also leave behind their negative attributes and regrets and move on with their lives, welcoming new opportunities and happiness.

Autumn Season

Autumn Season

All the trees turn yellow or orange during this season, and nature becomes pretty. This season also features in many poems and haikus by the poets. This season is the start of the winter season, and the weather starts turning cold after this. Now, let us read when October went away poem in English.

When October Went Away

The leaves began to fall one day,

October sighed, “I shall go away.

When all the trees are bare and grey

I know I wouldn’t want to stay!”

October tossed her golden head,

And when the last bright leaf of red

Had fallen to its wintery bed,

“Now I am going!” October said,

She was lucky, for we must remain

Throughout the days of November rain,

Looking through the window pane,

And sighing at the bare, wet lane.

 - Lenore Hetrick

The Theme of the Poem

The theme of the poem revolves around the autumn season of October. The poet Lenore Hetrick highlighted falling leaves from trees and plants. It showcases the beauty of the autumn season. The poet explains the autumn season in a mesmerizing way which enables the reader to picture the fall season exactly the way the poet desired. Poet explains how the falling of the leaves marks the start of fall. All the trees are bare and naked. As October ends and November begins, it embarks on the beginning of the winter season when all the people look through their windows and watch the cold atmosphere with bare trees and wet lanes.

Autumn Season 2

Autumn Season

The poet is saying goodbye to October, which has turned all the trees grey and bare. The poet is also welcoming the winter season, which comes after the autumn season. She has also hinted towards the November rain, which comes after the autumn season.

When October Went Away Poem Summary

The poem when October went away is a beautiful depiction of the autumn season. 

Autumn is a beautiful season that turns the leaves of trees yellow. The poet is basically saying goodbye to the autumn season of October. She is also welcoming the winter season with November rains which turn the window lanes wet by raindrops. The golden weather of October is very beautiful and the most suitable for traveling with your family and friends. You can also find when October went away poem pdf online. We hope you enjoyed reading this amazing poem as well as when October went away poem summary, in case of any other doubts feel free to ask in the comments.

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FAQs on When October Went Away Poem

1. Who wrote the poem when October went away, and what is the poem about?

Lenore Hetrick wrote the poem when October went away. The poem revolves around the month of October, which hosts the autumn season. The poem talks about the withering of leaves when their colour turns yellow. The trees start looking extremely beautiful. The poet is basically saying goodbye to the autumn season with a smile.

2. What was the message when October went away?

The poem when October Goes away talks about the beautiful season of autumn in the month of October. This month is very beautiful and attractive. The leaves of all the trees turn yellow and start withering. The message this poem delivers is about the beauty of every season and the miracle of nature. We should say goodbye to all the seasons with a great smile.

3. What is the Autumn Season?

Autumn Season is the season between the Summer season and Winter Season. During this season, the temperature starts decreasing gradually. All the leaves of trees start turning yellow and orange. Leaves start falling from the trees as well. It is a very beautiful season to travel and enjoy. Autumn is known for its gentle and cool breeze.