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Water Water Everywhere Poem

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Overview of Water water Everywhere Poem

The Earth is covered with 70% of water, but only one per cent is usable. This makes water a very precious thing in the world. Water is necessary for all living things in this world. Humans, animals, plants and birds need water to survive. Humans need water for drinking, washing, cleaning, bathing, gardening, etc. We cannot live without water.

The presence of water makes the Earth a unique planet in this universe. Due to 70% of the water on its surface, the Earth is called a Blue Planet. We will read a poem about water in this article. Let us learn the Water Water Everywhere poem lyrics and the importance of water through it.

The Ocean

The Ocean 

About Water

Water is a non-renewable resource. In spite of having more than 70%, the water is very limited. Sources of pure water are rainfall, groundwater, rivers, etc., but still, there is an evident shortage of water. Due to the rise in population and industries, the need for water has increased exponentially. 

The Earth

The Earth

Every living being depends on water - from humans to tiny insects. Due to the shortage of water, we must try to save water in various ways. Using water in a wise manner, collecting rainwater in tanks, lesser using of groundwater, and reusing water are some of the ways to save water. Every human being must be wise and intelligent to use water for sustenance.

Water Water Everywhere Poem

By - Charlie

Let's read Water Water Everywhere poem lyrics.


Water water everywhere,

To wash my hands and wash my hair.

It’s nice to drink it by the pool,

Slurp it; sip it, nice and cool

It comes from clouds don’t you know,

Falls in rain and also snow.

Keep it clean and you will be,

Sick as sick can be!

We are lucky here at school,

To have clean water to keep us cool,

Think of others when you get paid,

And give a bit to water aid!

Water Water Everywhere Poem Theme

This poem's theme revolves around water's importance in every sphere. It highlights that 70% of the area is covered by water. The author also showcases various uses of water like washing, cleaning, drinking and bathing. The writer then says that water comes from various sources, like rainfall and snow. The author calls themself lucky to find clean water in their school. At last, the author urges all of us to contribute to the cleanliness of the water.

Water Water Everywhere Poem Summary

Poems on the water are very important for kids to learn and understand. These poems make them realise the importance of water in their daily lives. They start wisely using water and put it to proper use. Children understand the main importance of water through poems. 

Rhythmic and engaging poems are easy to learn and understand as well. We should make kids learn good poems to engrain values and principles. The Water Water Everywhere poem PDF is also available and can be accessed on the internet. We have finished the Water Water Everywhere poem, and now we are aware of the importance of water through this article.

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FAQs on Water Water Everywhere Poem

1. Who wrote the poem Water Water Everywhere, and what does it talk about?

Charlie Woodhouse wrote the poem Water Water Everywhere. This poem talks about the importance of water in our lives. The poem highlights various usages of water in our daily lives. It also gives us a message towards our contribution to saving and preserving water. The poem also talks about sources of water like rainfall and snow. At last, the author is thanking nature for giving us clean water.

2. How is the importance of water highlighted in this poem?

This poem, Water Water Everywhere, beautifully highlights the importance of water for our survival. It expresses the joy of having water for various uses like drinking, washing and cleaning. The poem also talks about the scarcity of water and how everyone should contribute towards saving water. The poem also highlights the sources of water and its cleanliness. It gives us a beautiful message that we cannot survive without water, so we should respect water while it lasts.

3. What is the message this poem wants to deliver?

The poem Water Water Everywhere lyrics are rhythmic and beautifully written. The message this poem wants to convey is that water is essential for our survival. Water is everywhere on the surface of the earth, but only one per cent is drinkable and usable. The poem tells us a beautiful message to save water for future uses. We should always thank nature for giving us water through snow and rainfall. We must give our best to the environment to save water.