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A Short Vegetables Poem

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Overview of Vegetables Poem

Do you love eating vegetables? Vegetables are a part of the diet you take regularly on normal days. Vegetables ensure you are getting enough nutrients in your body. They provide you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Dietary guidelines also suggest eating a considerable amount of vegetables daily as they are highly nutritious.

In this article, we will learn about vegetables in a more interesting way i.e. with the help of poems. We will read vegetable poems in English, followed by its theme and literary meaning.

Vegetables Poem

Poetry is a beautiful way to learn about anything. It enhances our vocabulary; also it kindles our interest in learning new things. Everything that we learn in the form of poetry, becomes more engaging and interesting, and it is a wonderful way to catch the attention of kids towards something. To make vegetables a bit more interesting to eat, let's read some poems on vegetables. Here is a beautiful poem on vegetables:

Different Types of Vegetables

Different Types of Vegetables

Five a day, five a day

Keeps you healthy every way

Fruits and vegetables are good to eat

Healthy food can be a treat

Cooked or raw, orange and sweet

Carrots can be really neat

Packed with goodness, vitamin A

Help your eyesight, so they say

Five a day, five a day

Have you tried a runner bean

I’m tasty, long and green

Eat me with your meal and say

I have had one of my five a day. 



This was the vegetable poem lyrics. Wasn’t it great? These poems told us about the importance of eating vegetables daily. Vegetables are very healthy and we should always eat them with our meals.

Theme of Vegetables Poem

The poet, through the vegetable poem, is trying to tell the health benefits of vegetables and he is also encouraging us to eat as many vegetables as we can to stay healthy and fit.


Literary Meaning of Vegetables Poem

Vegetables are a part of our staple diet. Avoiding vegetables can obviously create a lot of problems in our body. The nutrients and minerals present in these vegetables keep us healthy, fit and young. We live a happier and healthier life because of the vegetables. This poem encourages the intake of vegetables. The poem tells us that vegetables either raw or cooked are beneficial for us.

This short poem on vegetables tells us that carrots are filled with vitamin A. This vitamin takes care of our eyesight. Beans are one of the green vegetables. Green vegetables contain a lot of nutrients that cannot be avoided from our diet. Eating vegetables ensures a better life for us which is both healthy and enjoyable. The poem recommends eating 5 vegetables every day and encourages a nutritious lifestyle by consuming fruits and vegetables.


We will wrap up the article by saying that whether kids or adults, everyone should eat vegetables. They provide us with the important vitamins and nutrients which keep our bodies fit and healthy. Vegetables make us stronger and they ensure that we are getting different minerals. We hope you enjoyed reading this amazing poem. You can visit our website for more of such poems for kids.

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FAQs on A Short Vegetables Poem

1. How many vegetables does the speaker of the vegetable poem ask us to eat? 

The speaker of the poem repeatedly uses the phrase “five a day” which means that the readers are encouraged to eat at least 5 vegetables a day.

2. How can carrots be eaten according to the poem and what other vegetable is mentioned here? 

According to the vegetable poem, carrots, which are orange and sweet, can be eaten raw or in the cooked form. Runner bean is another vegetable mentioned in the poem.

3. Which vegetable is good for your eyes?

Carrots are good for your eyes because they are rich in vitamin A, which is good for our eyesight.