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Two Little Blackbirds Nursery Rhyme

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Two Little Blackbirds: An Introduction

The poem Two Little Blackbirds is a great way to teach children about the antonyms or the opposite words and can also teach children how to count on their fingers. Through this poem, a relationship between kids and the physical can be made. Instead of birds, you can use any animal or animal which your kid likes. Let us study more about the poem.

Two Little Birds Lyrics

The poem of two little birds is given below. Read it aloud to the kids and also play with them by using fingerplay. 

Black Bird

Black Bird

Two little blackbirds

Sitting on the wall,

One named Peter,

One named Paul.

Fly away Peter,

Fly away, Paul.

Come back Peter,

Come back, Paul.

The other version which is available of the poem is also given as follows. 

Jack And Jill

Jack And Jill 

Two little blackbirds

Sitting on a hill.

One named Jack,

And the other is named Jill.

Fly away, Jack.

Fly away, Jill.

Come back, Jack.

Come back, Jill.

Two Little Blackbirds

Two Little Blackbirds

Two little blackbirds

Sitting on a gate.

One is named Early,

And the other is named Late.

Fly away Early.

Fly away Late.

Come back Early.

Come back Late.

Two little blackbirds

Sitting in the snow.

One named High,

And the other is named Low.

Fly away High.

Fly away Low.

Come back High.

Come back Low.

Two Little Blackbirds Poem Summary 

The poem Two Little Blackbirds is about different pairs of blackbirds sitting on the wall. The birds fly away and then the poet wants the birds to come back. So, the poet is calling the birds back. Through this poem, the child can learn about the opposite words. 


The poem Little Black Bird is a great way to make children learn new antonyms. Antonyms are words that have completely opposite meanings to each other. These words can be used to compare things and can be used in general sentences. 

Some of the antonyms given in the poem and the antonyms that you can use in the poem for the kids to learn are given below. 

  • High - Low 

  • Early - Late 

  • Fast - Slow 

  • Girl - Boy 

  • Happy - Sad 

  • Pretty - Ugly 

  • Rich - Poor 

  • Sun - Moon 

  • Son - Daughter 

Enacting the Poem 

The activity of enacting this poem helps the kids to develop their brain and their senses. Parents or teachers can teach students these actions. To enact this little black bird poem you can follow the following steps: 

  • Show number two on the fingers for the first line of the poem. 

  • Then show one on your fingers to tell the names of the birds. 

  • Use your arms and flap them like wings. 

  • Now stretch your arms and curl and uncurl your fingers to indicate the coming back of the birds. 


The poem is a great way to teach children antonyms and can also be used as a fingerplay. The poem can be enacted in front of the children to make it more interesting. The poem mentions two birds having names opposite to each other who fly away and then come back to their place. 

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FAQs on Two Little Blackbirds Nursery Rhyme

1. Who was sitting on the wall?

The two little black birds were sitting on the wall. 

2. Using antonyms, can I create the Little black birds poem?

Two little black birds sitting on the car 

One named quiet 

Other named loud 

Fly away, quiet 

Fly away, loud

Come back quiet 

Come back loud. 

3. What are rhyming words?

Rhyming words are the ones that have different meanings, but when spoken out loud they sound similar. For example, run, bun, and nun have the sound of “un” the same in all the words making them rhyming words.