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Traffic Rules Poem in English

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The Traffic Rules Poem with Pictures for Kids

Have you ever seen three colours (red, green, yellow) light on the road? Do you know what they are called? Don't worry, you will get the answer to every question through this article. The three coloured lights are called traffic lights which indicate the traffic rules. We will learn more about it through poems. Traffic Rules poem in English improves the English speaking and reading capability of kids.

Traffic Rules poems with pictures are given so that children easily memorise the basic yet essential traffic rule. Download the traffic rules poem PDF and recite the poem with your friends.

Traffic Light

Traffic Lights 

Traffic Rules Poem with Pictures 

Traffic Light Colours with Rules

Traffic Light Colours with Rules

The following is the lyrics to the Traffic Rules poem in English.

Red light, Red light

              What do you say?

I say stop, stop right


Yellow light, Yellow light

               What do you mean?

I mean wait, wait

      till the light turns green.

Green light, Green light

                  What do you say?

I say go, go right


Traffic Rules Poem Theme

The theme of the poem is safety. It's an enjoyable poem for kids through which they can learn about traffic lights and their rules. It's written in a simple way so that children don't get bored learning about it. The words chosen in this poem are quite simple and kids can easily pronounce and memorise them. Moreover, the best part is that children can learn about the safety rules which everyone must follow to prevent road accidents. 

Literary Meaning of the Poem

Through this poem, we understand what traffic lights are and their importance in terms of road safety. Traffic lights have been around for years and are used to efficiently guide the traffic at intersections and at crossings.

The poem first introduces us to red lights and that it indicates vehicles or people to stop as soon as the traffic lights turn red. We then learn about the meaning of the yellow light, which asks us to wait and prepare for the light to turn green soon. Lastly, the poem talks about the green light which is an indication for vehicles or people to go or move. 

Traffic Rules Poem Summary

Through this poem, the poet tells us about different traffic lights and their rules. One by one the poet helps the children to understand what it is, how it's used and what is its need. The three (red, yellow and green) colour lights which we see on the road, are called traffic lights. They help to control the traffic on the road, prevent accidents and ensure safety of the pedestrians. So every light provides safety to us that's why we should follow it or otherwise we will have to suffer adverse consequences.

Red Light

Importance of Red Light

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FAQs on Traffic Rules Poem in English

1. Why do we need traffic lights?

Traffic lights are one of the most important components on the roads. Apart from managing the smooth flow of traffic, the traffic lights also ensure the safety of vehicles as well as the safety of pedestrians.

2. What will happen if you disobey traffic rules?

If you fail to follow traffic laws, you are not only putting yourself in a dangerous situation, but also putting others in danger as well. You may also have to pay traffic fines having your licence suspended or revoked or even worse which is death.

3. What does the yellow traffic light indicate?

The yellow traffic light indicates us to wait and prepare for the traffic light to turn green so that we can drive or walk safely.