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Thinking of You Poem

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An Introduction

Poems have magic. Poets express the emotions of thought people through their poems. In this article, a poem on thinking of you will be discussed. People who do nice things and gestures for otters are always remembered. Being nice and sweet to someone can bring back the old times you have had and make you feel good. Let’s dive into this beautiful poem and understand the intention of the poet, Joanna Fuchs.

Thinking About U Quotes

Thinking About You Quotes

Theme of the Poem

The theme of the poem is Love. This poem focuses on the impact a person can have on another person by showing him some respect, love, and kindness. It is very important for a human to show empathy as it is what makes a human being. 

Poem: Just a Thought of You

When I think of you

I am filled With joy and pleasure,

Remembering all those times

That I will always treasure 

Thinking of you,

makes my heart light;

Because You're a special person,

You are A sheer delight.

Thoughts about you, always cheer me up

Upset, low, or Whenever I'm blue;

But that feeling does not last long

Because I get happy When I think of you.

I think of you quite often,

In the fondest, purest way;

I feel grateful for you more

Then I ever could say.

Meaning of Poem

This poem depicts the strength of a person’s thoughts about another person and how massively it impacts someone. It covers the different feelings of the narrator and how he overcomes the feelings of sadness, sorrow, and hurt just by thinking about another person who makes him feel light, positive, and much better. The narrator is grateful for the person he has dedicated the poem to and communicates his feelings to them. The narrator mentions that the thoughts that he has are pure which depicts he has nothing but authenticity in his feelings towards this person.

About the Poet

Joanna, who is married, lived in Sandpoint, Idaho. She earned a degree in fashion retailing from the University of Illinois. American Savings and Loan Institute hired Joanna for her first writing position as a correspondence instructor. She has written and delivered her own speeches at colleges and organisations throughout her career.

Joanna has experience in writing poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. She currently works as a publisher and writer for the website On her website, Joanna also does medical research and reports on what experts in the field are saying.

The Poet - Joanna Fuchs

The Poet - Joanna Fuchs

Tips for Teachers

1. Inculcating the Habit of Being Nice: When narrating the poem, the children learn about the importance of maintaining and cherishing the bonds they make. With this poem, the teacher can encourage the children to be sweet, nice, and kind to all the people as this makes them think about the children as good people. 

2. Creating an Interactive Environment: The students can learn about each other if the teacher initiates a conversation by asking them about who is the person that makes them happy and uplifts them when they get upset. The students tend to open up and engage in the classroom.


We learnt about the poem on thinking of you. This poem covers the relationship between two people, relationship so strong that it has the power to pull a person out of an unhealthy zone to a positive and healthy one. We all have that one person who we count on and is someone who can lift us up with just them being in our thoughts. Poet described the importance of relationships beautifully. The journey of poets and some learning outcomes with teaching strategies are also shared here.

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FAQs on Thinking of You Poem

1. What do we understand from the poem?

We learn from the poem that to be of significance to a person we must make ourselves kind, empathetic, and considerate of them. We must give them a reason to think about us, creating an aura that makes them feel uplifted by our presence.

2. Who is the poet of this poem?

The poet of this poem is Joanna Fuchs, a very experienced woman who eventually became a very popular writer through her writing. 

3. What is the significance of the poem and why do you think so? 

The significance of the poem is Love. Because love is such an emotion that readers can relate to, it may be the most common theme in poetry. The idea of love is frequently paired with another theme in a poem, such as lost love, real love, parent love, or even the love of a particular food or animal. But in this case, the feeling of love is simply coming from the comfort the narrator finds in that special person.