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There Was a Crooked Man - Nursery Rhyme

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Introduction to the Poem

There are certain poems that depict the reality that people in the world around us face, despite the fact that we have read numerous rhymes and poems on a variety of topics. We'll recite the classic nursery rhyme "There Was a Crooked Man" today. This poem will demonstrate how we see and interact with those different from us. Let's start reading right away!

What Does Crooked Mean? 

Before we recite the poem of the crooked man, we need to understand the meaning of the title of the poem. In the poem, the crooked word has two different meanings. The first meaning of crooked is bent or twisted or something which is not placed properly. The other meaning of the word crooked is being dishonest, clever and sly. In the title of the poem, the man can be seen as a dishonest person or can be seen as a person whose body got twisted due to some illness or bad posture.

There Was a Crooked Man Rhyme Lyrics

The lyrics of the poem there was a crooked man are given below. Read them out aloud.

Crooked Man

Crooked Man 

There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile.

He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile.

He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse,

And they all lived together in a little crooked house.

Crooked Man With His Crooked Coin

Crooked Man With His Crooked Coin

Crooked Man and His House

Crooked Man and His House

There Was a Crooked Man Rhyme Summary 

The poem starts with a crooked man walking down the crooked lane from his crooked house. While on his way he finds a sixpence coin that is also crooked. And he then went ahead on the crooked road. He went to a store and from there he brought a cat and a mouse. Both the animals were also crooked just like the man. He took the cat and mouse to his house and they all then lived happily ever after.

Meaning of the Poem 

The “There Was a Crooked Man Poem” is a traditional nursery rhyme that has a useful message. The representation of "a crooked guy" and "a small crooked house" is a powerful way to depict certain social conditions. It can be used as a synonym for being unique in some aspects. A crooked man, however, can also be thought of as a dishonest person who leads a life of deceit.

Different Interpretations of the Poem 

This poem's origin, subject matter, and veracity of any of the suggested interpretations are all unclear. The first, and one of the most popular theories, is that the town of Lavenham's oddly shaped houses and angles served as inspiration for the song.

According to a different understanding, the song was written between 1600 and 1649, during the reign of King Charles I. General Sir Alexander Leslie, a Scotsman who assisted in securing Scotland's political and religious freedom, may or may not be the corrupt individual. The alliance that existed during the period between Scotland and England may be referenced by the word "stile." While the "crooked house" can be an allusion to how fragile the contract is.


The poem is about the crooked man who found crooked things on his way and then collected them and took them to his crooked house. The poem tells us about how people are different from each other. There are other different versions of the poem, which are believed to be not in use.

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FAQs on There Was a Crooked Man - Nursery Rhyme

1. In which century was the rhyme “There Was a Crooked Man” first published?

The rhyme “There Was a Crooked Man” was first published in the 19th century; specifically, in 1840.

2. Which real-life personality does the character of Crooked Man resemble?

The character of the Crooked Man seems to resemble the Scottish general, Sir Alexander Leslie, according to many interpretations.

3. What is the meaning of crooked man?

The meaning of the word crooked is bent and out of shape or place. The person in the poem does not have a straight posture but has a crooked body, so he is called a crooked man. 

4. What did the crooked man have? 

The crooked man got a crooked coin, a crooked cat and crooked mouse. And they all lived in a crooked house. 

5. Make a sentence using the word crooked. 

The tail of the dog is crooked.