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There is a House Poem

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An Overview of the Poem

A comfortable and safe place to be is at home. A home where we can reside, love our dogs, and hang out with friends, a location to create lasting memories and a means of generating future wealth, a location where we are actually free to be who we are. A home consists of family members who have an important role in shaping our lives. Through this poem, we will get to know about the value of the house and its members. 

There is a House Poem Lyrics 

There is a house poem with pictures and lyrics given below and needs to be recited by the parents for the kids. The poem can be enacted to make it more interesting. 

There is a house,

A yellow house,

Atop a winding lane

Where dwells a man

Who drives to work

And then drives back again.

Yellow House

Yellow House 

And in this house,

This yellow house,

Live thirty-six pet mice

Who helps to clean

The travertine

And keep it looking nice.

Mice Living in the House

Mice Living in the House

And in the yard,

A great big yard,

Are thirteen hungry sheep

Who feed upon

The grassy lawn

And rarely make a peep.

Sheep in the Yard

Sheep in the Yard 

A spider on

The weathervane

Keeps a close watch on the sky

And always knows

If there’ll be snow

Or if it will be dry.

House with Weathervane

House with Weathervane

It’s curious

The way they live—

A happy, motley clan—

With each one there

Doing his share

The very best he can.

There Is A House Poem Summary

The poem is about a person living in a house situated on a winding lane. In that house, other than the man lives mice, sheep and a spider. They help each other in maintaining the house neat and clean and have different roles to play. They do their best to protect and maintain the house. 

Note for Parents 

Parents can teach children the role everyone in the house plays to maintain it. You can also engage in the activity of making a family tree with your children to make them familiar with their ancestors. Other than that, you can motivate children to learn the names of animals. 

Word Galaxy 

There are some difficult words in the poem that kids might have come across. The meanings of such difficult words are given below which can be then further used to make sentences from them. 

  • Atop - on the top

  • Winding lane - a twisted form of the lanes or roads

  • Dwells - lives in 

  • Travertine - white coloured rock used to build the buildings

  • Yard - huge length of something

  • Rarely - not often

  • Weathervane - revolving pointer to show the directions mainly placed on top of the building

  • Curious - eager to learn or know something

  • Motley - unique in appearance and character 


There is a house poem pdf available on the site that can be downloaded by the parents and used offline. The poem is about a man, mice, sheep and a spider living in a house. They did their work and helped in keeping the house clean and safe. For more such interesting poems for kids, explore our website.

Want to read offline? download full PDF here
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FAQs on There is a House Poem

1. What did the mice do in the house?

The thirty-six pet mice in the house helped in cleaning the flooring of the house which was made using the travertine. 

2. What did the sheep do?

There were thirteen sheep in the yard who ate the grass that grew in the yard and kept the yard clean. 

3. What was the role of the spider?

The spider was there on the weathervane and knew when it would snow and when it would not. So, the spider’s role was to predict the weather conditions.