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The Summer Fairy Song

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A Wonderful Kids Song: The Summer Fairy Song

Do you wonder what fairies are like? You must have glanced upon a few pictures of fairies in the fairytales you read, or in the movies. Well, all fairies may be imaginary creatures but they can surely cast a magic spell with their wands. It is believed that wherever fairies go they make it beautiful, just like a blooming garden in summer. Here’s a lovely summer fairy song that has super easy lyrics for kids. It is usually sung to the tunes of a classic nursery rhyme, ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary’.

Let us now go through the lyrics of the summer fairy song.

fairy in the sparkling moonlight

Image of a fairy in the sparkling moonlight

The Summer Fairy Song Lyrics

Fairy, fairy, in the garden,

Will you come tonight?

Dancing in the cool moonlight,

All silver sparkling white!

Fairy, fairy, in the garden,

Will you come tonight?

Dancing in a little ring,

What magic will you bring?

Fairy, fairy, in the garden,

Did you come last night?

I can tell that you were here,

My little fairy dear!  

fairy in the garden

Image of a fairy in the garden

In the song given above, a child indulges in his imagination and calls out to a fairy. He thinks that the beautiful fairy resides in the garden. The child asks the fairy to come and visit him. He imagines that the fairy dances in the sparkling silver moonlight. He imagines that the fairy would come dancing in a little ring and bring along some spectacular magical effects. In the last paragraph, the child knows that the fairy had come the previous night, as he found the beauty of summer in his garden.

About Summer Season

colourful summer garden

Image of a colourful summer garden

After the cold and pale winter season arrives the vibrant spring-summer season. While spring marks the regrowth of green leaves, the summer blooms a magical effect of colours and abundance. The gardens smell of the sweet scents of flowers, the butterflies and honey bees fly from one flower to another. The Sun shines brightly upon the lush green fields, flowers, gleaming lakes and rivers, and the long stretches of pastures. The warmth of the Sun makes it as pleasant as one can ever imagine.


A Few Words for the Parents!

Children’s minds are devoid of all malice, so they love to believe in everything good. Most children happen to believe in fairies, unicorns, and other magical creatures that they get to know about from songs, folklores, and fairytale stories. Though they do not get to meet any magical creatures in real-life, yet, they like to imagine that fairies and unicorns do exist. Do you know why? It is because children are more inclined to the virtues of these magical creatures and the good they do in all stories.

As a parent, one needs to identify what one’s children believe and how it impacts their innocent minds. While we nurture the virtues that children imbibe, we can let them indulge a little in their imagination and dwell in their fantasy world, till they are young. After all, children grow up faster than we expect! So let the magic prevail in the fairy songs and tales and let children exude their innocence.

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FAQs on The Summer Fairy Song

1. What is the tune for the Summer Fairy Song?

The tune of an 18th-century nursery rhyme, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, is fitted to the Summer Fairy Song. It is a very amusing tune that kids enjoy a lot. Kids easily learn from what we sing to them, any tune they hear us humming the song on, they will surely pick it up.

2. Name two popular fairy songs for kids.

Two popular fairy songs for kids are as follows:

  • The Summer Fairy Song

  • Five Little Fairies Song