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The Lessons Poem for Kindergarten Kids

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Overview of The Lessons Poem

The Lessons poem teaches us a lot of things and mentions a lot of things which are capable of teaching us a lot more things required in life. It is a short poem with moral lessons as there are lessons for everyone who lives. The little tree does teach us a lesson as its leaves begin to fade. The little plant teaches small things and how to care for the little things. The big tree tells many tales as it spreads out its leaves in the summer sun to protect it from the winter's cold.

The Lessons Poem

Child Reading the Lessons Poem

Child Reading The Lessons Poem

Does each small plant teach you a lesson?

Does each tree tell you a tale?

If you will but stop your game and listen,

They will speak to you without fail.

The little plant will teach you a lesson

Of the importance of very small things.

Each creature and plant has its place on earth,

Each stone and each bird that sings.

The little plant lives for but a day.

With the season's passing, it goes,

And yet it lived and served its purpose,

A purpose just nature knows.

The tree comes slowly from out of the earth,

For it has long years to live.

Many decades its fresh green shade

To children the tree will give.

You may be gone while the tree grows on,

Others will enjoy its beauty.

The tree that spreads out and reaches the sky,

For such is a great tree's duty.

That is the lesson, and that is the tale

A plant and a tree will tell,

If you will but stop your hurried playing,

And listen softly and well.

The Lessons Poem Explanation

The Lessons poem by Lenore Hetrick is about "life lessons". In each stanza, it is told of some lessons you can get from the little plants, trees, and creatures. The first stanza, "Lessons," is about the need to teach life lessons to children. In the second stanza, it talks about how trees teach life lessons to people by giving shade and form in their leaves. The third stanza talks about how flowers teach you a life lesson in a way that you can see them all over nature and, therefore, everywhere.

When the poem talks about creatures such as birds, it teaches us that they have their own place on Earth but also their own purpose, like flying or singing. This poem also shows that everything has both a good and bad side of it.

The poem is written in the form of a dialogue "between" the little plants and the tree.

The Lessons Poem Analysis

The Lessons Poem

The Lessons Poem 

Lessons also have several figurative features. Below are some of the figurative features listed:

  1. The theme of the poem is that of teaching life lessons. The "lesson" is, in fact, written by Lenore Hetrick, who was a teacher.

  2. The poem uses a metaphor: for example, "The little plant will teach you a lesson...

  3. The poem uses repetition: for example, the line "Each creature and plant has its place on Earth, Each stone and each bird that sings." The stanza tells you how every living thing has a purpose.

  4. Acronyms are used in this poem for the names of organizations or federal agencies.

  5. Onomatopoeia is used in the lines: "It breathes the air, its leaves give shade..." This sound creates imagery in your mind about what is being described. It also helps to paint a picture in your head.

  6. The spelling of the word "its" is used as an example of its own meaning in this line: "The tree comes slowly from out the earth, for it has long years to live. Many decades its fresh green shade..." In this case, it means that trees take a long time to grow, and you can see the green leaves for many years, which teaches that lesson.

Summary of The Lessons Poem

In the article, we went through "The Lessons" poem for kindergarten students. We hope you learnt a lot from this article. The poem is written by Lenore Hetrick. The poet is trying to tell us how every creation of god is trying to teach a lesson to everyone who heeds and pays attention to them. We also learned to pay attention to nature and give importance to all the things it teaches and does. 

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FAQs on The Lessons Poem for Kindergarten Kids

1. Who is the poet of the poem "The Lessons"?

Poet of "The Lessons" is Lenore Hetrick.

2. What are the things trees and plants do for us?

Plants and trees are the main sources of oxygen which is an essential part of survival for humans. They also give us fruits, vegetables, herbs and roots, all important for survival. Trees also give us shade and wood through which we relax and make homes and different kinds of furniture.

3. What is the rhyming scheme of lessons poem?

The rhyming scheme of the lessons poem is aabb abab.