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Ted The Turkey

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An Overview of Ted the Turkey Poem

Kids, would you like to hear an exciting Thanksgiving poem about a turkey named Ted? Well, let us all read about the famous turkey who wants to run away at Thanksgiving because humans are probably going to eat him up. Ted the Turkey song lyrics also have something important to tell us which we will be learning about.

Ted the Turkey poem is a cute and funny poem that will put a smile on children’s faces. The poem has got a rhyme to it which is not just fun to read but also it is quite amazing to listen to as well. Let us read the poem and learn about the theme of Ted the Turkey song lyrics.

Ted the Turkey Poem

I’m a little turkey 

My name is Ted.

Here are my feathers,

And here is my head.

Gobble, gobble, gobble

Is what I say

And I’m running away on Thanksgiving Day, Yes!

I’m running away on Thanksgiving Day!

Where should I go? Where should I hide?

Should I stay inside? Or should I run outside?

Where should I go? Where should I stay?

Cause I’m running away on Thanksgiving Day, Yes

I’m running away on Thanksgiving Day!

Ted The Turkey Summary

Ted is the famous bird we see planning to run away on Thanksgiving Day. The introduction of the poem is quite funny so that kids can laugh about it, imagining a turkey running away on such an occasional day. The turkey is named Ted in the poem, and he does not want to end up roasting at the dinner table because he is scared to die.

Ted, the Turkey

Ted, the Turkey

I am a little turkey, my name is Ted, he says and introduces himself to the readers which surprisingly also becomes a rhyme of the poem. The first stanza of the poem also depicts that Ted is planning to run away on Thanksgiving Day because that is the day when he would be out of his cage so that human beings would butcher him and sell him off. Ted does not want that because he is scared to die that way.

Therefore, he makes a plan to run away on Thanksgiving Day. But, he is pretty scared about running away, too, because Ted fears that humans would catch him if he does not find a proper place to hide.

The poem's second stanza tells us that Ted is confused about where he should hide once he runs away because he has been in the cage and does not have any idea about the outside world. But, in the end, he decides to run away on Thanksgiving Day.

Theme of the Poem

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in countries like the United States and Canada. The main reason for celebrating Thanksgiving Day is because it is the day Americans and Canadians celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year. But, there is no specific reason why the turkey bird always lands up at the dinner table every Thanksgiving Day. Well, Ted knows that he will be butchered, which is why he plans to run away.

Scared Ted the Turkey

Scared Ted the Turkey

The theme of the poem depicts that animals do have feelings and emotions, and they are not ready to be butchered by human beings. People should start loving animals and treating them well because one day or the other, they would vanish from the planet if we keep killing them for personal enjoyment. 

Significance of Ted the Turkey in the Poem

Ted the turkey is the only character in this poem, and he is a desperate turkey who does not want to end up dead and roasted by humans on Thanksgiving Day. Ted explains quite humorously about how he is going to run away on such an occasional day because it would be quite surprising when humans find out that the turkey is missing on such a day when turkey bird meat is consumed.


Ted the Turkey is one of the most famous and fun short poems for kids. Kids love reading this poem because it is not just a humorous poem, but the rhyming is quite interesting as well, which is why kids get attracted to such songs. 

The poem, Ted the Turkey, appreciates when animals are treated well by human beings because they, too, have emotions and feelings for themselves. This is also the poem's theme, as the anonymous author of the poem would not want animals to become extinct from this plant. We hope you have gathered enough information about this poem and enjoyed reading I'm a Little Turkey song lyrics.

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FAQs on Ted The Turkey

1. What do we learn from the poem Ted the Turkey?

The two stanza poems depict animal cruelty that should be stopped at some point in time. Even though it is an occasional day for celebration, it is not the same for animals who are slaughtered. 

2. Why is Ted the Turkey afraid on such an occasional day?

Ted is afraid on such an occasional day because he thinks he is going to be butchered. Therefore, he makes plans to run away on Thanksgiving Day. 

3. Who is the writer of the poem Ted the Turkey?

There is no name, or we can say that the writer of the poem is anonymous. But, whoever has written the poem has a deep meaning to it and wants society to know about animals and their emotions when they know that they will be slaughtered.