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Itsy Bitsy Snowman Song for Kids

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About the Snowman Song

The snowman song is the most popular rhyme or song that is taught to kids in the nursery grade. The snowman song’s premise is based on life in the cold pole of the north. For many, life in the north is a puzzle, the severe cold weather, pine trees, and igloos are all the staples while mentioning life at the north pole, the song describes it. Apart from teaching kids about the freezing poles, the song is helpful to teach grammar to kids, especially the prepositions.

Kids will learn more about living in the snow while practising prepositions of location in a fun way with the song "Itsy Bitsy Snowman." This English nursery rhyme is ideal for children to learn three of the most popular English location prepositions: inside, next to, and under. These terms are used to describe how an object or a person is placed in relation to another thing or person. In the article, we provide the complete lyrics of the snowman song which can help parents and teachers to sing along with the kids. Read ahead to know the things that the song teaches us.

Itsy Bitsy Snowman Song Lyrics

Mentioned below is the lyrics of the Itsy Bitsy snowman.

One, two, three, four…

The itsy bitsy snowman with a big head,

lives in an igloo and rides a sledge.

The itsy bitsy snowman is made of snow,

and when the sun comes out, he has to go!

There he goes!

Inside the hut…

next to the tree…

under the moose!…

don’t you see?

Good Bye, Itsy Bitsy Snowman.

See you next winter!

Illustrating a snowman living in the igloo

Image illustrating a snowman living in the igloo

Why Should We Teach the Snowman Song?

The Itsy Bitsy Snowman song is one of the songs that teach about the cold season of the North Pole. Reciting the snowman song is a fun way to teach the kids about some commonly used prepositions like inside, next to, and under. The song is used to teach kids about the cold weather conditions of the north pole. The song can also be used to teach kids about the igloos, and the animals found in the arctic poles like the moose, geese. The snowman song is an interesting and engaging way to introduce kids to a lot of new things and because the song is comparatively short, it is easy to memorise and can be recited easily.

In conclusion of the article, we have learnt about the Itsy Bitsy Snowman song. A small tip that can help parents in teaching their kids about the song is to recite the rhyme along with their kids. Parents can also discuss the different animals mentioned in the song, this can help kids to learn about nature.

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FAQs on Itsy Bitsy Snowman Song for Kids

1. What are igloos in the snowman song?

The snowman song mentions igloos in the first verse. An igloo, also known as a snow house or snow hut, is a type of snow shelter erected during the winter conditions. Aputiak is another name for an igloo. The igloo is a dome-shaped structure composed of snow bricks. In the song, a snowman lives in the igloo.

2. Which animal is mentioned in the Itsy Bitsy Snowman song?

Moose is mentioned in the song. As the sun comes up, the snowman finds a place to hide from the sun rays and luckily the snowman finds a spot under the moose. Moose is an animal that is found in colder parts of the world; they are known for their long antlers and strong legs.