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Slowly Slowly Poem: A Short Nursery Poem

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Overview of the Slowly Slowly Poem

Have you ever thought how every insect looks a little different from others? How beautiful the universe has made every organism and has given unique features too? Some organisms are big, while some are small. Some organisms move too fast and some very slowly.

Today, in this article we are going to discuss the Slowly Slowly poem. We will talk about the snail and a mouse where one moves very fastly and the other at a very slow pace. With the help of this article, we will get to know what they both do and what's the difference between them.

Slowly Slowly Poem

Snail and Mouse

Snail and Mouse Enjoying Each other’s Company 

Slowly slowly very slowly 

Creeps the garden snail

Slowly slowly very slowly

Leaves a silver trail....!

Quickly quickly very quickly

Runs the little mouse

Quickly quickly very quickly,

roundabout the house 

Slowly Slowly Poem Theme



The theme of the poem is connecting us to the creation of the beautiful universe. The poem tells us about how the two organisms, snail and mouse, are totally different from each other.

Through this, we understand that nature is a beautiful place to live because it has different organisms. Moreover, every creature is different from each other.

It's a beautifully written poem through which kids can recognise different organisms. The mouse is a different organism which moves very fast while the snail is entirely opposite to it as it moves very slowly.  

The Literary Meaning of the Poem

In this poem, we learnt about two different organisms: a mouse and a snail. We learnt that they have different functions and body structures. However, we need to understand that every organism is a gift of God. So it's our duty to take care and protect other organisms and plants.

The poet compares a garden snail that is moving at a very slow pace, while leaving a silver trail behind it. On the other hand, it also describes a house mouse that is running at a greater speed around the house. The two creatures and their movement have been compared in this poem.

Snail and Mouse

Snail and Mouse

Slowly Slowly Poem Summary

Through this poem, the poet wants to tell us how different organisms look, how different they are and how beautifully the Creator has designed us. Slowly Slowly nursery rhyme lyrics are written in such a beautiful way that every small kid can learn them easily. Let's check what the writer wants to say to the kids through these lines.

In the first four lines, the poet is talking about the snail who moves very slowly in the garden. It is also leaving a silver trail behind it. 

In the next four lines, the poet is talking about the mouse which moves so quickly that in a few seconds it has gone around the whole house. Slowly, slowly, very slowly lyrics is one of the best snail nursery rhymes that children can be introduced to. It is an excellent read when it comes to familiarising children to the various creatures around us. We hope you enjoyed reading this amazing poem.

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FAQs on Slowly Slowly Poem: A Short Nursery Poem

1. What makes a snail unique?

Snails usually have a spiral-shaped shell which is wound around a spindle. A snail has a snail shell and that shell protects their soft bodies when there is a danger for snails. 

2. Where are the snail and the mouse?

The snail is moving in the garden, while the mouse is running around the house.

3. How is the snail different from the mouse as mentioned in the poem?

The snail is a slow creature as the poem says it is moving very slowly. The mouse, on the other hand, is much faster than the snail as it has completed a few rounds around the house in a few seconds.