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Sally Go Round The Sun

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Sally Go Round The Sun: A Dance Rhyme

Sally go round the sun is a nursery rhyme which is a most popular circle dance that is usually played in a group. This dance is very simple. This rhyme also teaches the kids about the sun, moon and many other terms related to our daily life. This rhyme has a different edition. This edition was established in 1969 by Edith Fowke, McClelland and Stewart edition in English language. This song is mostly sung in America now as it has become the most popular dancing song in the world. It has many variations with different words used in it.

Sally Go Round The Sun

Sally Go Round The Sun

Sally Go Round The Sun Lyrics

Sally go round the sun
Sally go round the moon
Sally go round the chimney pots
On a Sunday afternoon

Sally on The Chimney

Sally on The Chimney

What are Dancing  Games?

The games that kids play while singing rhymes and dancing together are called dancing  games. There is a certain rule that a child has to follow while dancing. That we are going to understand in the next section.

Actions for Sally Go Around the Sun

Sally Goes Round the Sun is the most popular circle dance song which is  played in  groups. The dance is very simple and interesting to perform, kids go around in a circle singing. When they repeat the song a second time, they go in the opposite direction.

Just hold each other's hand and move round and round in a circle when kids repeat the rhyme just move round and round in opposite directions.


Kids Holding Hand together In A Circle


Kids Holding Hand together In A Circle


Meaning of the Poem

This song sally goes round the sun has a simple meaning. Sally is an adventurous girl. She goes around places nobody dares. For instance, the scorching sun. We have heard some new and interesting words in the rhymes. Let's learn about them one by one.

1. Sun

  • The Sun is a star at the centre of the solar system.

  • It’s in yellow or orange colour.



2. Moon

  • It is a natural satellite of the earth.

  • It’s in a kind of white colour.



3. Chimney Pots

  • It is like a metal pipe.

Chimney Pot

Chimney Pot

Tips for Parents

This rhyme is a dancing rhyme by which the kid will learn and enjoy the song by singing along with it. So, it is very important that kids recite the song and understand the meaning of the words that are used in the given song and enjoy it. Parents are requested to guide the children by showing them how the game has been played and the meaning of the words that they are reciting in it.


In this article, we have learnt and read the rhyme sally go round the sun. We understood its meaning and danced along with the song. We have also learnt about the new words used in the poem and understood them with a picture.

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FAQs on Sally Go Round The Sun

1. What do you mean by the sally going round the sun?

Sally goes round the sun meaning that Sally makes a circle round around the sun.

2. Which kind of game is the sally round the sun?

The sally round the sun is a dancing game which is played in a group.

3. How many people are required to play that game?

This game can be played in a large group. It might be difficult to play it alone.