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Rhyming Poems About Teeth for Kids

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Are you looking for a new rhyming poem for your kid? Then do not worry, since we have provided some new rhyming poems for you to sing to your kids. These poems will also help you to make your kids learn the habit of brushing their teeth daily. So, what are these poems? These are rhyming poems about teeth for kids and you can easily recite these in front of your kids during the morning while brushing their teeth. It will be a fun activity for you and your child to start your day happily.

All these poems can also be downloaded easily for free in PDF form. So, are you ready to learn the Brush Your Teeth Poems?

Rhyming Poems with Lyrics – Short Poems on Teeth

Many kids refuse to brush their teeth. It can be difficult for parents to make their kids brush regularly. Therefore, we have provided a few fun poems on brushing teeth. You can sing these poems to them daily and enjoy some fun time together while brushing your teeth. Singing and brushing your teeth together will be a lot more fun, isn’t it? So, let us learn the lyrics of these poems.

Brush Your Teeth Poem

Brush Your Teeth Poem

1. Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth

Brush Brush Brush Your Teeth,

Brush it every day!

Father, Mother, Brother, Sister,

Brush it every day!

Brush Brush Brush Your Teeth,

Brush it every day!

Father, Mother, Brother, Sister,

Brush it every day!

Steps to brush your teeth properly

Steps to brush your teeth properly

2. Brushing My Teeth Poem

Up and down and round and round

I brush my teeth to keep them sound;

To keep them sound and clean and white

I brush them morning, noon and night.

These two poems given above will teach your child the importance of brushing their teeth daily. They will learn that all their family members including their siblings and parents too brush their teeth regularly. You can also tell your child that their teeth look round, white, and shiny after brushing. This will make them excited to brush daily. 

We have also added a few more rhyming poems on teeth below. These are “The Wobbly Tooth” and “My Tooth” poems with lyrics. 

3. My Wobbly Tooth

Once I had a wobbly tooth

That wobbled to and fro,

Every time I ate my toast

I thought the tooth would go.

But then I ate candy,

A sticky toffee roll,

Now where my wobbly tooth was

There’s nothing but a hole!

4. My Tooth 

My tooth fell out and left a space

So big my tongue can touch my face,

And every time I smile I show

The place where something used to grow.

I miss my tooth as you can guess

But now I have to brush one less!

I will put my tooth in a pouch

And on the pillow lay to sleep

In the morn in it, I will peep

And find a gift for me to keep.

Out with the baby teeth

In with the new

Brush every day


We hope you had a fun time learning these rhyming poems with your kids. If they loved reciting and learning these poems, you can find various other poems on our website. All these poems are short and fun to recite and these will also help your kids to improve their vocabulary skills.

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FAQs on Rhyming Poems About Teeth for Kids

1. Why is reciting poems important for kids?

Kids during their kindergarten days are always excited to know about all the things. They ask several questions about the things they see around them. The best way to let them learn about these things is through poems. Poems about animals, nature, sky and birds will help them to learn about these things easily. It will also help them discover the meaning of different words, thereby improving their English vocabulary.

2. Why should we brush our teeth daily?

It is important to brush our teeth daily in order to maintain healthy gum and prevent our teeth from cavities. We must brush our teeth twice daily, once in the morning and again before going to bed. Kids are also advised to avoid eating sweets and chocolates too often as this may decay your teeth and cause cavities.