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Awesome Poems for Kids - Patch La Belle

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Poems for Kids - Introduction to Patch La Belle

Hey, kids! Do you like to read books that contain a lot of images? Do you like stories and poems for kids that have animal characters? If yes, then you should read one of the amazing poems for kids - the Patch La Belle.

When we read such poems or stories we become very curious to know what will happen in the story or poem.

Patch La Belle is a book of poems specially written for kids. In this book, the poem is handwritten. There are lots of images of animals which fascinate kids.

The book is written and designed on themes that are enjoyed by children. When you will read this book you will see a lot of paintings of animals such as cats, dogs, a pig, a dragon, a giraffe, a penguin, a seal etc.

The cover page of the book is given below which draws the attention of kids to read it. You should read this poem to know what the poem is about.

Cover Page of Patch La Belle

Cover Page of Patch La Belle

Lyrics of the Poem

Some lyrics of the poem are given below.

In my bedroom I heard a snore

so I opened up a drawer

amongst all the stuff it held

was the puppet Patch La Belle

quietly I closed the drawer

and I left her there to snore

peppermint candy, sugar hearts

Orange taffy, lemon tarts

Oh my goodness, look what this is

a pocket full of chocolate kisses!

John jerry Adler climbed up, up, up

a very tall ladder

to whisper in the ear of a giraffe

“You matter”

Homemade cookies

in a jar

wonder how many

there are

one, two,

three, four …

Now I’m full and can’t eat anymore.

About the Author

Sue Clancy is the writer of the book Patch La Belle. She is a fine artist and illustrator whose thoughts on human perception and communication are quite visual.

Sue Clancy

Sue Clancy

She illustrates with the help of animal characters, most often dogs or cats, she playfully explores concepts such as mental health and time.

She carries this playfulness in her creations. Her artistic themes are picture books, nature, human culture, living well, music and food. 


The book Patch La Belle is interesting to read because it contains pictures of animals and other things which will make reading interesting for kids. It will encourage them to read more such poems for kids.

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FAQs on Awesome Poems for Kids - Patch La Belle

1. Who wrote Patch La Belle?

La Belle Patch is a book written by Sue Clancy, which is a collection of happy rhyming poems. The book has used bold, beautiful, funny characters so that kids do not lose interest while reading. The kids get sweet messages by reading this book of poems. 

2. Why do kids like to read Patch La Belle and other playful paintings and poems?

Kids are always attracted to things that contain pictures and animated characters. The book Patch La Belle is written on the same theme. It contains a lot of pictures which the children like. The language of the book is easy as well because it contains rhyming poems.