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One Day I'll Be Poem

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Overview of One Day I'll Be Poem

This poem is that we must not limit ourselves to what we are taught to believe is possible in our lifetime. Instead, we should dream beyond what is possible and achieve what few teachers, administrators, parents, or others believe is possible. In doing so, we can open our minds to the possibilities for a truly better world for all of us.

One Day I’ll be Poem with rhyming words highlights a child's imagination and reminds the children to believe anything, and everything is possible. As adults, we must teach them to be optimistic and have a positive outcome in life.

One Day I'll Be Poem Lyrics

Today at school, my teacher said,

I wonder what you'll be like?

When time has passed and you've grown up,

And the world is yours to see.

Right then and there I stood straight up,

And looked her in the face,

And said with pride and confidence,

I plan to live in space.

Like pirates of so long ago,

My ship will take me far,

Around the moon and back again,

And to a distant star.

So when you talk about the world,

And say it's yours to see,

I believe I'll have the greatest view,

Upon the cosmic sea.

James Mcdonald

The Meaning of the Poem

When the teacher asked the student about what he wants to be when he grows up and gets the chance to explore the world as much as he wants to, the student said that he wants to explore it from space, so he can see the world more clearly.



The students say they want to become a pirate because pirates sail on ships and travel around the ocean. The students describe what they want their journey in space to be like on their ship.

The students say that they want to live in the sea of space because they want to see every distant star and be able to travel all around the universe.

One Day I'll Be Poem

One Day I'll Be Poem

About the Poet

James McDonald was born on the 20th of January 1986. He is best known for his work "One Day I'll Be", written in 2006, which made it to the finals of CBC's Hockey Day in Canada competition.

James McDonald is also a freelance journalist who runs his own blog, where he reviews albums, interviews, up-and-coming bands, and posts pictures and videos of live performances. He has worked for several newspapers over the past few years as well.

One Day I'll Be Poem Summary

In this article, we read the poem "One Day I'll Be", depicting the imagination of children. Children have a lot of imagination and creative expression when it comes to describing the things they want to do or be. In the poem, teachers ask students about what they want to be when they grow up and what they want to do in life. A student responded that he wanted to live in space.

This may seem like an odd answer, but this child was probably brave enough to give an imaginative response instead of giving a mundane, average answer such as, "I want to become a doctor". Students can access this article offline by downloading the One Day I'll Be Poem PDF. We hope you enjoyed reading this poem, in case of any other doubts feel free to ask in the comments

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FAQs on One Day I'll Be Poem

1. What is the teacher curious about?

The teacher is curious about what the student wants to be when he grows up and gets exposure to the world. The teacher wonders what the child's future holds for him.

2. What does the child reply with?

The child answers without second thoughts that he wants to live in space when he grows up. He compares his journey into space to those of pirates in the vast sea. He replies that he will have the greatest view of the earth from the star, comparing it to the "cosmic sky". 

3. What does the poem "One day I'll Be" convey?

This poem is a very knowledgeable one as it conveys the message that no matter how old we get, there is always room for imagination on what you want to be or do. You can always dream and make up fantasies in your mind. So don't let anybody tell you that you are not good at something or you can not do it because it's impossible to achieve

4. What does the poem teach us about life?

It teaches us to dream beyond limits and to achieve every goal. The child goes on to say that he believes that he will have the greatest view of earth from the cosmic sky. He believes that he will be able to see every distant star and travel all around the universe. This shows us that we should always dream big and never limit ourselves.