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Night Dreams Poem

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Overview of Night Dreams Poem

Night Dreams is not a very old poem, it is a recently-published poem. There are various Night Dreams poems for kindergarten but this one is quite special. This poem on the night was written by Barbara Vance back in 2010. Barbara Vance is an author and an illustrator. She is also a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Dallas, Texas. Barbara Vance is known for her non-fictitious works.


Night Dreams is a poem that speaks about nightlife. The poet puts her thoughts on nightlife and what she thinks during this time. Yes, this poem is going to be quite interesting and exciting. Further, in this poem, we will talk about Night Dreams Summary, Night Dreams poem lyrics, the theme of Night Dreams, and the moral of the poem.

Night Dreams Poem Lyrics

“I’d like to think that I could fly, 

To lift my feet and touch the sky,

To soar above, look down below,

And never know just where I’d go.”

“And if I could, oh what I’d see!

Earth would not be the same to me.”

“Oh, if the wind would carry two, 

I’d hope that I could fly with you;

And hand-in-hand we’d chase the stars 

And lock them up in pickle jars.”

 “We’d laugh and smile, then set them free 

To twinkle for eternity.”

Night Dreams Poem Lyrics

Night Dreams Poem Lyrics 

Night Dreams Poem meaning 

Before jumping into the summary of the poem, there are a few details that one must know. This poem is in AABB rhythm. This means the end of the first and second lines of this poem rhyme with each other. It is a 12-line poem by Barbara Vance. In fact, a 12-line poem is called Rondeau Prime. The paragraphs are divided in an uneven way, the first stanza consists of four lines followed by two, four, and two again. The explanation of the poem is given below:-

Stanza 1:-

The speaker in the first lines is simply dreaming of her favourite moments that she wishes to have. She thinks and wants to fly high up in the sky and go anywhere she wants. The speaker wants to feel the freedom of flying in the sky and wants to know how it feels. She wants to go high above and look how it looks below from there. The speaker wants to do all of these without knowing her destination. 

Stanza 2:-

This stanza in the poem consists of only two lines. The dreamer speaks of what she will see when she is high up in the air. Interestingly, she has no idea what it would be like at the top and what she would face. She also describes that the Earth would not be how she looks in her daily life. The view from the top is going to change for her as she is looking from a different point. 

Stanza 3:-

The third stanza is the second-last stanza in this poem. Here, the speaker talks about not one but two people. She hoped that if the wind could carry two people, then she hoped to fly with her loved one. Then she dreams of holding her partner’s hand and, in that position, she would chase the stars, pick them up and lock them in “pickle jars”. These lines from the poet prove that she seems to be quite upset with her daily life. She just wants to spend time with her loved one alone and always be happy without any trouble. 

Flying High in the Sky

Flying High in the Sky 

Stanza 4:-

This is the last stanza of the poem. In the last lines of the poem, we come to know what the speaker would do with her partner and the stars they will collect. She says that she would “laugh and smile” and then set all the stars free so that all of them can “twinkle” their whole life. The purpose of the speaker going up in the air is just to spend some time with her partner and collect stars just to release them. 

Stars in a Jar

Stars in a Jar

The Theme of Night Dreams Poem 

This is one of the best dream poems out there. The poet beautifully described her dream, thinking of what she would want to do if that was possible. The theme of this poem is “Enjoy and cherish every moment you live with loved ones”. Childhood is the golden time of everyone’s life. One should have the best time possible. 


In this poem, the poet might have described a fictitious work of thought but, these are the thoughts and dreams that make us happy in some way. Additionally, reading and understanding such poems will change the thinking process of the younger generation. Throughout the poem, we can see the speaker finding her happiness in some way and with her loved one. The same should be followed by everyone if they are feeling low. Moreover, one should try and always be happy in your life. 

In this article, we read a poem on nightdreams and also learned its meaning and summary. We hope this article was beneficial for you, in case of any other doubts feel free to ask in the comments.

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FAQs on Night Dreams Poem

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Yes, Barbara Vance does have her own coaching website. One can learn creative learning courses online.

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