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New Year Poems for Kids

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Poems on Beginning a New Journey

As we all know, the new year means a new start, a new journey and a new resolution. But where does it come from?

The journey to new year, as it says, is the journey from past to present and the future. For some people, the past year might have been challenging; hence the journey to a new year might be full of dreams and determination. However, for some, it might have been a cherry blossom, so they may want to be on the same path as it was, but with more strength and power. Everyone has their unique self-made journey. And a new year is a resolution for all of them. We have brought you a collection of new journey poems that you can read and enjoy. Come, let’s read some poems about beginning a journey.

Poem 1: New Year New Journey Poem

Dreams are like purest form of honey

To achieve it so

We need a lot of money

We participate in the blind race

In which no know what they have to face

It's all about name

Game, money and fame

It's a complete cycle

And we are the lone rider

Of a brakeless bicycle

It's a never ending game

Of a hard lane

We all run

Just to earn a tiny bun

The people who often fall

Is the one who think life's so tall

There is no doubt

The garden of hard work

Has always had sprout

There is no age

Which can stop you ruling a stage

Your Life must engage

Or you choose to be in a life long cage?

Life is a breakless journey

You may fail

But don't complain

There's always a new year

 To make a new resolution my dear

New year's are always like a Clay

Which can always make your day

Let's enjoy the journey to new year

By whispering a resolution to your own ear

Don't shed the old tear

Stand still

With all your will

And embrace the journey to the new year.

New Year Celebration with Firecrackers

New Year Celebration with Firecrackers


The new year new journey poem tells you about the struggles and juggles in one's life. Life is all about birth and death and whatever happens in between is known as living and it has a very short period. Whoever misunderstands life as a huge period, eventually becomes a loser and is unable to achieve their dreams on time. 

Any obstacles can be resolved by doing hard work in life. If we do hard work in life we will never be behind. Success can always be achieved by doing hard work.  It requests you not to cry or weep or keep on complaining about the things which are happening in your life instead take a step forward and keep on walking wherever it takes but never stop learning and fighting for yourself.

Poem 2: Journey to New Year Poem Lyrics

Night lacks the shine of sunlight

But it has its own moonlight

With our little glove

We can make the pot of love

We all had

Something's in life

Which were really bad

Let's not get sad

Let's not get mad

Let's cross the hurdles

Whatever comes in our way

Because we all know

If we don't go across

We have to face a big loss

Isn't it so gross?

Let's walk

Let's talk

Oh did you just noticed

New year is coming

And the time is running

It's time for new dreams

On the cherry top of your screams

It's the time for new journey

Bad Old days are screaming

Oh dear just burn me

New Year Celebration in the City

New Year Celebration in the City 


The journey to new year poem lyrics beautifully describes the unique nature of every person, comparing it with the unique features of the day and night, as the day has sun so the night has the moon. Each of them is unique in themselves.  We shouldn't get mad or be sad just because of our failures. Instead, we should deal with our problems and cross every hurdle that comes in our life with ease. 

Time is something over which we don't have control. It may fly away sooner or later so we must do it and act as soon as possible. If we don't act on time we will be left with a sense of guilt for not acting on certain things on time. 

Themes of New Year Poems

New Year's Day is the start of a new year. It is celebrated as a time to reflect on the past and look ahead to what could be. New Year poems are often written about these events and traditionally express hope for future success or promise that good fortune will come their way during the coming year. 


In this ‘A New Journey Poems’ article, we have seen poems about beginning a journey. The journey to the new year is a pathway to the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. The end of a year might refer to the end of one’s dilemmas or problems. It is more important to look towards the pathway rather than the outcome. 

It can be a beautiful journey if we look toward the positivity around us rather than absorbing the negativity all over. New year is not about the firecrackers or the lightning, it's more about spending time with family and sharing love. It is about new beginnings and new chances. We hope you enjoyed this beautiful set of new journey poems.

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FAQs on New Year Poems for Kids

1. When is the new year celebrated world wide?

New year is celebrated every year on 1st January. 

2. What is the rhyme scheme used in the first poem?

The rhyme scheme used in the first poem is abab. 

3. Give two pairs of rhyming words from the second poem.

Two pairs of rhyming words are:

Sad - mad

Across - loss