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Poem for Kids on Nature

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Why are Poems Important for Kids?

Poetry aids in the understanding of various viewpoints. Using poetry to teach and learn can help kids respect and understand people from all over the world. This is crucial education in an age of increasing polarisation. It has been proved that writing poetry has a favourable impact on mental health.

On Earth Day or any other day of the year, combining poetry and nature is a wonderful approach to honour both the art of language and our earth. It's also a fantastic approach to foster your child's interest in the world. Make reading a poem a part of your routine.

The best thing you can do is to share your enthusiasm for nature with others. Almost everyone enjoys mental health benefits from being in nature. Nature isn't the issue; it's the answer. We are enslaved by modern life and smartphones, but a child does not require them. We've compiled a list of the most popular and interesting kids poems on nature.

Different Kids Poem on Nature


Trees are for birds.

Trees are for children.

Trees are to make tree houses in.

Trees are to swing swings on.

Trees are for the wind to blow through.

Trees are to hide behind in Hiding and Seek.

Trees are to have tea parties under.

Trees are for kites to get caught in.

Trees are to make cool shade in summer.

Trees are to make no shade in winter.

Trees are for apples to grow on, and pears;

Trees are to chop down and call, “TIMBER-R-R!”

Trees make mothers say,

What a lovely picture to paint”

Trees make fathers say,

“What a lot of leaves to rake this fall!”

A child beside a tree

A child beside a tree 

Summary of Tree Poem

Birds make use of the trees. They make their nests in the trees and dwell in them. Children make use of trees. They enjoy building tree houses and swinging from them. Hide and seek is a popular game among children who enjoy playing in the woods. Adults, as well as children, like playing among the trees. Their tea gatherings are held in the shadow of the trees. Passers-by benefit from the strong winds that blow through the trees. During the winter, trees provide no shade, allowing people to bask in the sun. Fruits such as apples and pears are available for consumption. Even after trees are cut down, they are still helpful.

We obtain lumber, which is used in the manufacture of furniture. To some, trees are like lovely paintings they'd like to create, but to others, they're profitable because even their shattered leaves may be used to make something useful.

The Wind

I can get through a doorway without any key,

And strip the leaves from the great oak tree.

I can drive storm clouds and shake tall towers,

Or steal through a garden and not wake the flowers.

Seas I can move and ships I can sink;

I can carry a house-top or the scent of a pink.

When I am angry I can rave and riot;

And when I am spent, I lie quiet as quiet.

A tree swaying in the wind

A Tree swaying in the wind

Summary of The Wind Poem

‘The Wind’ investigates the wind's dual nature. Reeves describes the wind's force with vivid terms. The personified ‘wind’ in this piece illustrates how it can go wherever it wants without asking anyone's permission. It can shred the leaves of an oak tree and cause storms that can topple big structures. Furthermore, Reeves depicts how the wind might convey the aroma of a flower or the rooftops. This contrast demonstrates the wind's dual nature. Finally, the wind concludes its strong note with a diametrically opposed tone, stating that it rages at times and then sleeps quietly in peace when it is finished.

The Rainbow

Boats sail on the rivers,

And ships sail on the seas;

But clouds that sail across the sky

Are prettier than these.

There are bridges on the rivers,

As pretty as you please;

But the bow that bridges heaven,

And overtops the trees,

And builds a road from earth to sky,

Is prettier far than these.

A rainbow

A rainbow

Summary of The Rainbow Poem

Clouds and rainbows are more beautiful than ships and bridges, according to 'The Rainbow'. The speaker of the poem begins by describing how ships and boats travel. On the sea, ships may be found, and on the river, boats can be found, although both operate in the same way.

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FAQs on Poem for Kids on Nature

1. What causes rain to fall when the wind blows?

In actual life, the wind does bring rain. It blows thick dark clouds laden with water to other parts of the country, resulting in rain. When the wind blows, the clouds collide and release the water within them, resulting in rain.

2. In the poem ‘The Rainbow’, how does the poet describe the rainbow?

The poet compares the rainbow with a bridge to heaven in the offered poetry, ‘The Rainbow’. Watching boats travel down rivers and ships sail across the oceans, according to the poet, is rather lovely. The clouds that float over the sky, on the other hand, are far more beautiful.