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My Puppy Makes Pizza Poem

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An Overview of the Poem

My puppy makes pizza poem by Kenn Nesbitt is a short poem about a puppy and his pizza-making ability. The poet's appreciation and love for his pet can be seen through this poem. Also one can sense the joy and satisfaction received by the puppy while making the pizza. To make this poem more interesting, parents can take their children to a puppy cafe or they can encourage kids to help them make a pizza for themselves by choosing their favourite toppings. 

My Puppy Makes Pizza Poem Lyrics

My puppy makes pizza poem recitation can be done using the lyrics given below. The parents can recite the poem to the kids and enact a little to make the poem interesting. 

Puppy With A Pizza

Puppy With A Pizza 

My puppy makes pizza.

He bakes every day

In a chef hat and apron

He's quite the gourmet.

He’ll roll out some dough

and he’ll give it a toss,

then spread on a generous

topping of sauce.

He’ll heap it with cheese

and mountains of meat,

but, still, it’s not something

you’d probably eat.

For though he makes pizza

with obvious flair,

it all ends up covered

with slobber and hair. 

Puppy As A Chef

Puppy As A Chef 

Other Puppy Poems

There are other puppy poems that can be recited by the kids to increase their interest in the puppies. Some of the puppy poems are given below. You can go through them.

My Dog likes to Disco - by Kenn Nesbitt 

My dog likes to disco

on TikTok for fun.

He’d rather start dancing

then go for a run.

My dog likes to wiggle

and jiggle and jump.

He bobbles his noggin

and wriggles his rump.

And when he’s done dancing,

this doggy of mine

will pick up his cell phone

and post it online.

99 dogs 

I saw two people heading off for a walk

with 99 dogs in a pack.

So, I asked them why they had so many dogs,

and they thought for a while and said back,

“We’ve tried having different numbers of dogs:

from a lot to hardly any.

The lesson we’ve learned is 98’s not enough

but 100 dogs is too many.”

99 Dogs

99 Dogs 

My Neighbour’s Dog is Purple -By Jack Prelutsky

My neighbour’s dog is purple.

Its eyes are large and green.

Its tail is almost endless,

The longest I have seen.

My neighbour's dog is quiet.

It does not bark one bit.

But when my neighbour's dog is near,

I feel afraid of it!

My neighbour's dog looks nasty.

It has a wicked smile.

Before my neighbour painted it,

It was a crocodile!



Purple Crocodile

Purple Crocodile 

Word Galaxy 

There are some difficult words in the poem which might be new to you. Let us discuss their meanings and then you can try to use them in the sentences. 

  • Bakes - cooking food with dry heat in an oven. 

  • Apron - protective cloth worn in the kitchen by the cook.

  • Gourmet - a person who has good food knowledge. 

  • Dough - a mixture of flour and water. 

  • Generous - showing kindness. 

  • Heap - a collection of things. 

  • Flair - ability to do something very well. 

  • Slobber - saliva dripping from mouth. 


The poem my puppy Made pizza is about a cute puppy that the poet has. The puppy seems to be an expert in making pizza for the family members. The puppy is a chef as he knows how to bake a pizza and add toppings to it. He likes cheesy pizza, so he puts in loads of it. The pizza though in the eyes of a puppy is perfect and ready to eat. But for the poet, it is impossible to eat as the pizza gets covered by the hair and saliva of the puppy. The poem is about the appreciation of the puppy enjoying his time making the pizza.

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FAQs on My Puppy Makes Pizza Poem

1. Name the three things done by the puppy in the poem.

The three things done by the puppy are listed below: 

a) rolling out the dough

b) spreading the sauce

c) adding heaps of cheese

2. What is the conclusion of the poem?

The conclusion of the poem is that the puppy makes a mess while making pizza which is not even edible. 

3. What qualities do you find in the puppy?

The puppy seems to be happy, satisfied, artistic and a chef, which makes the overall qualities of the puppy.