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My Neighbour’s Dog Is Purple Poem

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My Neighbour’s Dog is Purple: A Dog's Poem for Kids

Do you want to hear a funny poem about a funny dog? Well, the poem is ‘My neighbour’s dog is purple’ written by Jack Prelutsky. This beautifully written poem talks about enjoying the little moments of our life. Also, the poet of this poem wants the readers to know that not everything that we see is true because we all make mistakes. My Neighbour’s Dog is Purple poem PDF has also been made available for kids to learn about it in detail. However, here in this article, we will also learn about the funny poem and what the poet is trying to tell us through his poem.

My Neighbour’s Dog Is Purple Poem

My Neighbour’s Dog Is Purple Poem

My Neighbour's Dog Is Purple Poem

Let's read this funny dog poem for kids.

My neighbour's dog is purple!

My neighbour's dog is purple

Its eyes are large and green

Its tail is almost endless

The longest I have seen

My neighbours dog is quiet 

It doesn’t bark one bit

But when my neighbours dog is near

I feel afraid of it!

My neighbours dog looks nasty

It has a wicked smile

Before my neighbour painted it

It was a crocodile!

By- Jack Prelutsky

My Neighbour’s Dog Is Purple Poem Meaning

The thirteen-line poem is one of the funniest poems for kids. Even though the writer of the poem is quite surprised to see a purple dog, he doesn’t know that it is actually a painting. The poet describes this incident when he was small and how he used to peek into his neighbour's property to get a glimpse of the purple dog. 

The poet also notices that the purple dog has large green eyes and its tail was one of the longest that he had ever seen. It is quite funny to imagine a dog that is purple in colour having an unusually long tail. The poet further describes the strange characteristics of the dog in his poem. 

He says that the dog does not bark at all but still he feels so scared to be near the dog because the dog always smiles wickedly at the poet. The wicked smile scares the poet and he does not want to go near it. But, later he realises that it's just a painting that was made by his neighbour; before it was a crocodile. 

The poem is one of the funniest dog poems for kids as it has got a humorous ending with a surprising twist at the end. The poet has only described the dog throughout the poem until at the end revealing that it was just a painting that his neighbour had made. 

Theme of the Poem



My neighbour's dog is purple is a poem that is one of the dog poems that rhyme and has quite a funny imagination behind it. Kids would not only love to read but also would have a good laugh about it when they realise that the poet was scared for nothing because there was no dog actually because it was just a painting. 

The theme of the poem is that everyone should not believe in everything that they see. One should enjoy life to the fullest and cherish each moment happily. The poet taught us that it is sometimes normal to be scared. 

My Neighbour's Dog Is Purple Summary

The poem ‘My neighbour's dog is purple’ has been written in a funny way but also has a special message for its readers. The revelation of the poet’s actual experience with the purple dog would not just put a smile on kids’ faces but adults would laugh too. This will help us become more creative and more open in our life. My Neighbour's Dog is Purple PDF has been made available on several websites for kids to know about it in detail but it was a much greater experience to learn about it here together. Through this My Neighbour's Dog Is Purple summary, we learnt to enjoy every moment, embrace every feeling. We hope you enjoyed reading this amazing poem.

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FAQs on My Neighbour’s Dog Is Purple Poem

1. What was the dog before the neighbour painted it?

The purple dog was a crocodile before the neighbour painted it into a dog. Maybe this is one of the reasons why the purple dog had such a long tail and always had a wicked smile that made the poet scared.

2. What is the special message that the poet wants the readers to know?

The special message that the poet wants his readers to know is that one should live life to the fullest because the things that you are scared of may not be as scary as one might think. 

3. What is the importance of the dog and the neighbour in this poem?

The importance of the dog and the neighbour in this poem is that it will make us realise to look at the better versions of ourselves. It is important to lead a happy life and not let ourselves down because of the small things that we get scared about.