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My Cat is Fat Poems

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Introduction to My Cat is Fat Poem

Stories and poems are one of the first things that kids learn. The rhythmic poems are short but contain wide meaning, and hence help the child memorise the language as well as understand the nation.

Poems and stories are a great way to help your child learn the dialect. If you are looking for English poems for kids, we have got you covered. Kids love learning rhyming poems. A good poem with meanings helps your kid make sense of the world around them. You can furthermore teach your child poems to keep them involved and develop an interest in learning. In this post, we have come up with some best English poems that your kid would love to recite - My cat is fat poems.

Poem 1: My Cat Is Fat

I have a cat named Vesters,

And he eats all day.

He always lays around,

And never wants to play.

Not even with a squeaky toy,

Nor anything that moves.

When I have him exercise,

He always disapproves.

So we've put him on a diet,

But now he yells all day.

And even though he's thinner,

He still won't come and play.




Poem 2: A Big Fat Cat

I own a big fat cat-

The fattest for miles around.

Wherever there's lots of food,

That's where he'll be found.

He's good at eating.

It's a talent, I suppose.

I'm sure if he keeps at it

He'd win the talent shows.

I own a big fat cat -

He weighs at least a ton.

He couldn't run to save his life.

Yes, he isn't much fun.

His favourite room's the kitchen.

(I'm sure we all know why.)

He eats just about everything,

So that's why, with a sigh...

I'd like to tell you, Teacher,

I'd like to tell you straight,

I might have "accidentally" dropped

My homework in his plate.

Poem 3: Bod, My Fat Cat

My cat's name is Bod,

He's very fat.

His stomach's on the floor,

And he can't get through his flap.

He eats and eats and eats,

He just never seems to stop.

And when we fill his bowl

Not one morsel does he drop!

His fur is very black

With white bits on his face.

But he spends most of the time

Curled up in his favourite place

He never runs around,

Or sneak or pounce or jump.

My big fat cat called Bod

Is a lazy lump!

Lazy cat

Lazy Cat

Poem 4: The Fat Cat on the Mat

The fat cat on the mat

   may seem to dream

of nice mice that suffice

   for him, or cream;

but he free, maybe,

   walks in thought

unbowed, proud, were loud

   roared and fought

his kin, lean and slim,

   or deep in the den

in the East feasted on beasts

   and tender men.

The giant lion with iron

   claw in paw,

and huge ruthless tooth

   in the gory jaw;

the pard, dark-starred,

   fleet upon feet,

that oft soft from aloft

   leaps on his meat

where woods loom in the gloom--

   far now they are,

   fierce and free,

   and tamed is he;

but the fat cat on the mat

   kept as a pet,

   he does not forget.

Poem on fat cat

Poem on Fat Cat

Poem 5: My Flat Cat

I have a cat.

My cat is flat.

He sleeps beneath

the bathroom mat.

He slides around

upon the ground

without the slightest

striding sound.

He only eats

the flattest meats

and thin and wispy

kitty treats.

He once was fat

but now my cat

is total,

completely flat.

He got so slim,

so flat and trim,

the day my Great Dane

sat on him.

Flat cat

Flat Cat

Theme of the Poems

The theme of this poem is funny and interactive. Kids start learning about the value and actions of their pets and start learning about the behavioural aspects of animals too. These poems surround the funny parts of having a cat and are explained in a very interactive and engaging manner for the kids which will make them laugh and make them remember about this one of a kind poetry style. The poem focuses on the hilarious, relatable and not too unrealistic grounds of the cat’s behaviour and living, which gives the kids the imaginative ability.


The poem uses rhyme throughout the short lines that make up its stanzas to convey a cat’s dreams. He does not dream as one might foremost think. There aren’t little mice and containers of milk on his mind, but rather the larger prey of another life. He guesses about living freely, like a lion. In his mind, he’s able to feast on all animals, including people. He will, opposite to how it seems, never forget what it tells us to live freely.

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FAQs on My Cat is Fat Poems

1. Why is my cat fat?

Obesity is a thriving problem that currently affects the majority of cats. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention’s 2018 survey, veterinarians consider approximately 60 percent of cats to be overweight or obese. That makes unreasonable body weight the most common cat health problem — not just an unusual weight issue.

Our cat friends can become too heavy or too thin for a variety of reasons, ranging from poor-quality diet to underlying health problems. Some mixed-breed cats may be more likely to increase weight than purebred cats, and some cats may have a naturally inactive metabolism.

2. How do you say if your cat’s weight is normal?

Figuring out your cat’s perfect weight can be challenging. Although cat species have different ideal weights, the digit on the scale doesn't tell you if your cat is at a favourable weight for them.

3. Is your fluffy cat fat or thin?

Veterinarians generally use one of two body condition marking systems to determine whether your cat friend is overweight, just good, or even underweight. Both body situation scoring systems are easily found online, detailed with images of how underweight, ideal weight, overweight and heavy cats look from different perspectives.

Cat’s Perspectives