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My Busy Day Poem

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Overview of the Poem “My Busy Day”

In this article, you will get My Busy Day poem summary, and you will also be able to understand the literary meaning of this amazing poetry.  In this poem, the author shows the different moods of a child. In this poem, the author has said about all the activities of a child which are so small yet significant for a child, but these activities are full of fun, and these are the moments of a child’s life which are remarkable.

In this poem, the author says that a child has a lot of work to do, which according to the child, is work. It is a rhyming poem for kids. In this article, we will read my busy day poem and also understand its significance. We will read this rhyming poem for kids

My Busy Day Poem

Let's read this short poem for kids.

I run, I ride.

I read and write.

I pick, I pull,

I fly a kite,

I open and close

I touch my nose,

I carry a sled

In case it snows.

I give a gift,

I tell a tale,

I see a sign,

I shout, “For sale!”

I clean, I wash,

I eat so I’ll grow,

Who makes my food?

I want to know.

I cut, I draw,

My art I show,

I sit, I sing,

Up high, down low,

I look, I jump,

I find a nest,

I trip, I fall

I need a rest!

From day to night

I keep on the go,

I close my eyes

To sleep! shh! Tiptoe!

My Busy Day

My Busy Day 

The Literary Meaning of the Poem

In this poem, the author has described how innocent children are, as the little activities are big work for them, and these little things are their daily routine for them. They enjoy doing these activities. In My Busy Day poem, all the activities of a child are described by the author so well that everybody can connect with them. Even the act of touching your nose is described as a work in this lovely poem.

In this poem, readers can see tiny things which a child does and like this, all the day of a child passes and at night he gets tired and goes to sleep. My Busy Day poem is a very sweet poem and it brings a smile when anybody reads it. My Busy Day poem is a simple a yet powerful poem as it shows all the colours of a child’s life. 

A child has several colours in his life so let's get started to see those colours and get ready to take a dip in those different colours. Whenever you read the, poem you will get a smile on your face. So, with a broad smile on your face let's read the poem with all the joy and the volume should be high. Hence it is proved that a child is so innocent in every case.

Theme of My Busy Day Poem

In this sweet poem, the author has described all the work which a child does. The author describes in words a child that the child runs, rides, reads, writes, picks pulls and flies a kite. The child opens, closes, touches his nose, and carries a sledge if it snows. It further says the child gives a gift, tells a tale, sees a sign and shouts “for sale.” 

It further says that a child cleans, washes, and eats so that he can grow, however, the child wants to know how to cook his food. The author says a child cuts, draws and shows his art, and a child sits and sings. A child looks, jumps and finds a nest. The child trips and falls and needs rest after it gets tired. In this way, from day to night, a child does something and then at night, it closes its eyes and sleeps. 

My Busy Day Poem

My Busy Day Poem

Significance of the Busy Day in the Poem

In My Busy Day poem, it is shown that childhood is the best time of everybody’s life, as a child lives in their own different world. They don’t know or care about anything. A child has small things to do or games to play. By doing all these things,  the whols day passes and at night they sleep. 


Here in My Busy Day poem PDF, the author has said very creatively that activities like running, reading, riding, writing, cleaning, washing, looking, and jumping makes a child’s day busy and after doing these activities all day a child sleeps at night quietly. In this poem, the author has shown a different world of a child from the spaces of a child. My busy day poem tells about the simple life of a child and most importantly the author has described it in a very simple way.

In this article, we learnt about my busy day poem. We also tried to understand what the poet was trying to say through the words he used in the poem.

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FAQs on My Busy Day Poem

1. In the poem My Busy Day, what does the child want to know?

In the poem My Busy Day, the child wants to know who makes their food.

2. In the poem, what does the child shout?

In the poem, the child shouts “for sale”.

3. What does the child carry in case it snows, according to the poem?

According to the poem, the child carries a sledge in case it snows.

4. In the poem, My Busy Day, what does the child fly?

In the poem My Busy Day, the child flies a kite.