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My Big Fat Cat

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Understanding the My Big Fat Cat Poem by Christian Mitewu

Do you like big animals? Do you like to cuddle them? Do you like to watch them play? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you'll love My Big Fat Cat Poem by Christian Mitewu. This poem is about a big, fat cat that loves to play and cuddle. The cat is so big, in fact, that it can't fit into any of the other animals' homes. So the cat spends its days playfully exploring its surroundings. The cat is so happy and content, and its big, fat body is a testament to that. The cat is so fat that he can’t even run to save his own life and loves to keep eating no matter what’s there on her plate.

The poet also makes the most of this talent of his cat and escapes from the teachers’ punishment. In this article, we will read a big cat poem. The theme and my funny cat poem are also discussed in this article.

My Big Fat Cat Poem

My Big Fat Cat Poem

My Big Fat Cat Poem 

I own a big fat cat-

The fattest for miles around.

Wherever there's lots of food,

That's where he'll be found.


He's really good at eating.

It's a talent, I suppose.

I'm sure if he keeps at it

He'd win the talent shows.


I own a big fat cat-

He weighs at least a ton.

He couldn't run to save his life.

Yes, he isn't much fun.


His favourite room's the kitchen.

(I'm sure we all know why.)

He eats just about everything,

So that's why, with a sigh...


I'd like to tell you, Teacher,

I'd like to tell you straight,

I might have "accidentally" dropped

My homework in his plate.

                                                                        -by Christian Mitewu

A Big Fat Cat


A Big Fat Cat

Meaning of the Poem My Big Fat Cat Poem

In My Big Fat Cat Poem, the poet talks about a big, fat cat who loves to eat. The cat is very large and has a lot of food in its stomach, which makes it look very happy. The poem also talks about how the cat is very lazy and doesn't want to go outside. The poet also feels that eating so much is the only talent the cat has and if he continues being so good at it, it may win talent shows too. In the end, the poet also adds a little humour. When the teacher asks him to show his homework, he says my big fat cat must have eaten my homework and hence I can’t find it in my bag. But actually, the poet says so to save himself from the punishment for not doing his homework.

Theme of the Poem My Big Fat Cat Poem

The poem My Big Fat Cat by Christian Mitewu runs around the fun of having a pet, especially a big fat cat that eats so much that it becomes difficult for him to even move around. In fact, the poet feels that the big fat cat can even win talent shows for he is so good at eating that no one else can beat him in this talent. He even adds that the cat being so fatty can't even run to save her life and can’t make the people around laugh as he keeps sitting in one place because of being so heavy. But still, the poet enjoys his company and loves his pet cat. The poet says that the kitchen is his cat’s favourite place because he gets so many things to eat there.


The poem highlights the importance of having pets and how they act as a companion to you by being there by your side every single minute. It also focuses on the bond that a pet and his master share with each other and how selfless the pets are by nature. The poem shows how pets make our life so fun-filled.

In this article, we read my funny cat poem. We also discussed the theme and meaning of the poem. We hope this article was beneficial for you.

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FAQs on My Big Fat Cat

1. Who is the poet of My Big Fat Cat?

The poet of My Big Fat Cat Poem is Christian Mitewu. She has written this interesting and funny cat poem for children,

2. Do you really think that the cat ate up the poet’s homework?

No, the cat didn’t actually eat his homework but the poet says that so that he can save himself from the punishment for not completing his homework. He says that he accidentally dropped his homework paper in the cat’s plate and the cat must have eaten it as he eats whatever he is served. 

3. Which is the favourite place of the poet’s cat?

The poet’s cat in My Big Fat Cat Poem is very fond of the kitchen because he gets to eat a lot of things there.